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Ministry of Labor(勞動部)

No. Title
1. Organization Regulations on Employee Welfare Committee CH
2. Organizational Regulations for the Management Committee of the Wage Arrears Payment Fund of the Ministry of Labor CH
3. Regulations Governing the Organization of a Labor Market Trend-Changing Assessment Committee while Implementing a Mass Redundancy Plan CH
4. Organization Act of the Ministry of Labor CH
5. Organic Act of Institute of Labor,Occupational Safety and Health,Ministry of Labor CH
6. Organization Law of Occupational Safety and Health Administration, Ministry of Labor CH
7. Organic Act of Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor CH
8. Organization Act for the Bureau of Labor Funds of the Ministry of Labor CH
9. The Bureau of Labor Insurance, Ministry of Labor Organization Act CH
10. Labor Union Act CH
11. Enforcement Rules of Labor Union Act CH
12. Collective Agreement Act CH
13. Act for Settlement of Labor-Management Disputes CH
14. Regulations for Implementing Labor-Management Meeting CH
15. Regulations for Prohibiting Chairman of the Board of Directors and the Responsible Person in Fact of a Business Entity from Going Abroad while Implementing Mass Redundancy Plan CH
16. Regulations for Subsidizing the Litigation Costs and Necessary Living Expenses of Workers Laid Off under Mass Redundancy Plan CH
17. Act for Worker Protection of Mass Redundancy CH
18. Financial Processing Standards for Labor Unions CH
19. Regulations for the Mediation of Labor-Management Disputes CH
20. Regulations for Attendance by Proxies of Labor Union Members’ Meetings or Representative Meetings of Labor Union Members CH
21. Regulations for Decision on the Unfair Labor Practices CH
22. Regulations on Aids for Legal Service and Living Expenses of Labor-Management Disputes CH
23. Regulations for Arbitration on Labor-Management Disputes CH
24. Remuneration Standards for the Board Members in Reviewing Cases Concerning Unfair Labor Practices CH
25. Labor Standards Act CH
26. Enforcement Rules of the Labor Standards Act CH
27. Regulations for the Deliberation of Basic Wage CH
28. Regulations for the Allocation and Management of the Workers' Retirement Reserve Funds CH
29. Regulations for the Management, Repayment, Collection and Allocation of the Arrear Wage Debts CH
30. Regulations of Leave-Taking of Workers CH
31. Regulations for Revenues, Expenditures, Safeguard and Utilization of the Labor Retirement Fund CH
32. Amendment to the Standards of Necessary Nighttime Workplace Health and Safety Facilities for Female Workers Employed by Business Entities CH
33. Act of Gender Equality in Employment CH
34. Enforcement Rules for Act of Gender Equality in Employment CH
35. Regulations for Handling Complaints Concerning Gender Equality in Employment CH
36. Regulations for Providing Legal Aid in Lawsuits Concerning Gender Equality in Employment CH
37. Regulations for Implementing Unpaid Parental Leave for Raising Children CH
38. Regulations for Establishing Measures of Prevention, Correction, Complaint and Punishment of Sexual Harassment at Workplace CH
39. Labor Pension Act CH
40. Enforcement Rules of the Labor Pension Act CH
41. Regulations for the Implementation of Annuity Insurance under the Labor Pension Act CH
42. Regulations for Labor Pension Act on the Labor Pension Fund Management / Utilization and Profit / Loss Allocation CH
43. Rules Governing Organization of Supervisory Committee of Business Entities’ Labor Retirement Reserve CH
44. Regulations Governing the Determination Criteria and Inspection of No Harm to Mental and Physical Health in Article 45 of the Labor Standards Act CH
45. Regulations on Provision of Labor Retirement Reserve Fund Data to Financial Institutions CH
46. Employee Welfare Fund Act CH
47. Enforcement Rules of the Employee Welfare Fund Act CH
48. Regulations on Subsidy and Standards for Establishing Breastfeeding (Breast Milk Collection) Rooms, Childcare Facilities and Measures CH
49. Regulations for Start-up Assistance for the Unemployed of Employment Insurance CH
50. Regulations Governing Establishment of the Labor Funds Supervisory Committee of the Ministry of Labor CH
51. Labor Insurance Act CH
52. Enforcement Rules of the Labor Insurance Act CH
53. Regulations Governing Implementation of Labor Insurance Experience Rates for Occupational Accidents CH
54. Regulations Governing the Management and Utilization of the Labor Insurance Fund CH
55. Regulations of the Examination of Injuries and Diseases Resulting from the Performance of Duties by the Insured Persons of the Labor Insurance Program CH
56. Regulations of the Settlement Labor Insurance Disputes CH
57. Regulations of Labor insurance Health Examination for Prevention of Occupational Disease CH
58. Regulations of Application for Occupational Accident Insurance Disability Benefits for Insured Person Diagnosed With Occupational Disease Withdrawn from Labor Insurance CH
59. Regulation of the diplomate with occupational medicine or district hospitals or above who provides a clinic note of occupational disease CH
60. Regulations on the National Health Insurance Premium Subsidization for Unemployed Insured Persons and Their Dependents CH
61. Regulations for Offsetting of Capital and Interest of Relief Loans for those with Labor Insurance CH
62. Employment Insurance Act CH
63. Enforcement Rules of the Employment Insurance Act CH
64. Labor Insurance Disability Benefit Payment Standards CH
65. Regulations Governing Extension of Unemployment Benefit Payment to Workers with Employment Insurance CH
66. Regulations of Workers with Occupational Accidents who withdraw from Insurance Program in the Medical Period Continue to Join Labor Insurance CH
67. Labor Occupational Accident Insurance and Protection Act CH
68. Occupational Safety and Health Act CH
69. Enforcement Rules of the Occupational Safety and Health Act CH
70. Standards of Permissible Exposure Limits at Job Site CH
71. Occupational Safety and Health Education and Training Rules CH
72. Standards governing Prevention of Industrial Robots Hazards CH
73. Safety Standard of Machinery and Equipment CH
74. Regulations for Safety Inspection of Hazardous Machines and Equipment CH
75. Act for Protecting Worker of Occupational Accidents CH
76. Enforcement Rules of Protection for workers Incurring Occupational Accidents Act CH
77. Regulations for Safety Inspection of Existing Hazardous Machines and Equipment CH
78. Regulations for the Labeling and Hazard Communication of Hazardous Chemicals CH
79. Regulations Governing the Registration of Safety Information for Machinery, Equipment and Tools CH
80. Regulations Governing the Application for Prior Release of Mechanical Products CH
81. Regulations Governing the Use and Management of Safety Label and Certification Label CH
82. Regulations Governing Exemption from Certification for Mechanical Products CH
83. Regulations Governing the Safety Assessment Report and Inspection of Products with Special Structures CH
84. Regulations Governing the Implementation and Monitoring of Type Certification for Mechanical Products CH
85. Regulations Governing the Surveillance of Machinery, Equipment and Appliances CH
86. Regulations Governing Designating and Handling of Priority Management Chemicals CH
87. Directions Governing the Fees of Product Safety Information Registration and Type Certification CH
88. Regulations Governing Designation and Handling Permission of Controlled Chemicals CH
89. Regulations on New Chemical Substances Registration CH
90. Regulations of Allowance and Approbated Grant for Workers with Occupational Accidents CH
91. Labor Inspection Act CH
92. Enforcement Rules of the Labor Inspection Act CH
93. Definition of the potential of imminent danger to the labors prescribed in Article 28 of the Labor Inspection Law CH
94. Hazardous Work Place Review and Inspection Regulations CH
95. Vocational Training Act CH
96. Enforcement Rules of the Vocational Training Act CH
97. Regulations on Technician Skills Certification and Issuance of Certificates CH
98. Measures for the Establishment and Administration of Vocational Training Institutions CH
99. Regulations for Encouraging Business Entities to Reemploy Workers Laid Off under Their Mass Redundancy Plan CH
100. Regulations for Technician Skills Certification Administration and Test Site CH
101. Standard Charges for Technical Skills Certification CH
102. Regulations for Implementing and Rewarding Skill Competitions CH
103. Employment Service Act CH
104. Regulations for Permission and Supervision of Private Employment Services Institution CH
105. Enforcement Rules of Employment Service Law CH
106. Regulations For Revenues, Expenditures, Safeguard And Utilization Of The Employment Security Fund CH
107. Management and Approval Regulations for Hong Kong and Macao Residents with Overseas Chinese I.D. CH
108. Regulations of Rewards for Outstanding Institutions (Enterprises) Employing the People with Disabilities CH
109. Directions of the Employment Transfer Regulations and Employment Qualifications for Foreigners Engaging in the Jobs Specified in Items 8 to 11,Paragraph 1,Article 46 of the Employment Services Act Chinese CH
110. Regulations for the Implementation of the Employment Promotion Allowances CH
111. Regulations on the Permission and Administration of the Employment of Foreign Workers CH
112. Standards for Fee-charging Items and Amounts of the Private Employment Services Institution CH
113. The Reviewing Standards and Employment Qualifications for Foreigners Engaging in the Jobs Specified in Subparagraph 8 to 11,Paragraph 1 to Article 46 of the Employment Service Act CH
114. Fee-charging Standards for Application Case Review and License under the Employment Services Act CH
115. Qualifications and Criteria Standards for foreigners undertaking the jobs specified under Article 46.1.1 to 46.1.6 of the Employment Service Act CH
116. Regulations on Work Permit and Administration for Human Trafficking Victims CH
117. Regulations Governing Personal Information File Security Maintenance Plan and Processing Method for the Human Resources Recruitment Industry CH
118. Regulations for Employment Services for Victims of Domestic Violence CH
119. Implementation Regulations of Employers' Orientation Program Before Hiring a Foreign Worker to Render Home Care or Household Assistance CH
120. Regulations for the Implementation of Laborer and Employment Adjusted Support in Response to Trade Liberalization CH
121. Directions of Foreigners Engaging in Jobs Specified in Items 8 to 10, Paragraph 1, Article 46 of the Employment Services Act Wishing to Take Leaves to Their Home Countries CH
122. The Ministry of Labor’s Fee-charging Standards for Approving Applications for Case Review under the Act for the Recruitment and Employment of Foreign Professionals CH
123. Amendment of Regulations on the Work Permit and Administration of the Foreign Professionals Engaging in Arts and Performing Arts CH
124. The Qualifications and Criteria Standards of the Employment of Foreign Professionals Engaging in Professional Knowledge or Skills for Short-term Supplementary Learning Centers CH
125. Middle-aged and Elderly Employment PromotionAct CH
126. Enforcement Rules of the Middle-Aged and Elderly Employment Promotion Act CH
127. Regulations for Creating Employment Stability for Middle-Aged and Elderly Employees CH
128. Regulations Governing Employment Enhancement of Unemployed Middle-Aged Persons and Elderly Persons CH
129. Regulations Governing the Subsidy for Re-employment of Retired Middle-Aged and Elderly Persons CH
130. Regulations Governing the Subsidy for Setting up Service Locations for Senior Talents by Local Government CH
131. Regulations Governing the Incentives for the Promotion of Employment of Middle-Aged and Elderly Persons CH