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2023-03-21 Drafts This draft amendment of Articles 23 and 25 of the "Regulations Governing the Offsetting or Refund of Duties and Taxes on Raw Materials for Export Products" stipulates that the number of days used by Customs for issuing the duplicate shall be deducted from the time limit provided for offsetting or refund of duties and taxes with the application for offsetting or refund of duties and taxes via the electronic operation system. (Send your comments on or before 2023-05-19)
2023-03-13 Regulations Regulations on the Permission and Administration of the Employment of Foreign Workers has files
2023-02-24 Directions Directions Governing the Inspection Procedure for Cement
2023-02-20 Regulations Announcement: The mandate requiring “face masks to be worn when entering areas with high-risks of infection and transmission specified in this announcement to prevent the spread of COVID-19” is rescinded, effective February 20, 2023.
2023-02-17 Regulations Standards for Pesticide Residue Limits in Foods has files
2023-02-15 Act Climate Change Response Act
2023-02-15 Regulations Organizational Regulations for the Management Committee of the Wage Arrears Payment Fund of the Ministry of Labor
2023-02-14 Regulations Regulations Governing Customs Clearance for Goods in Free Trade Zones
2023-02-11 Drafts Due to the amendment of ICAO Technical Instructions for the Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air, CAA has drafted the amendment of "List of Dangerous Goods Which Are Transported by Air" (Send your comments on or before 2023-02-24)
2023-02-08 Act Farmer Health Insurance Act