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2021-06-09 Act Budget Act
2021-06-04 Regulations Regulations Governing Pre-sale Procedures for Insurance Products
2021-06-03 Directions Required Qualifications and Directions for Life Insurance Companies to Engage in Foreign-currency Denominated Non-investment-linked Life Insurance Business
2021-06-03 Drafts In order to respond to the rapid changes in the economic and financial situations in time, the CBC is to be enacted draft articles of authorization of momently adjustments on the regulations of specific remittances items and foreign exchange purchased or sold by a declarant within the annual aggregate settlement amount of the current year to maintain the order of the foreign exchange market under the consideration of particular economic and financial conditions. (Send your comments on or before 2021-06-17)
2021-06-03 Drafts The use of fabric steamers is becoming prevalent in domestic households. BSMI is aware that one-fifth of random purchased samples did not meet quality items of the standard. As the products are used to remove textile wrinkles by high temperature steam, which may cause degradation of insulation, concerns have been raised about hazards of electric shock and fire. With a view to protecting consumers from relevant hazards, BSMI proposes to regulate fabric steamers in aspects of safety (CNS 60335-1 and CNS 60335-2-85), EMC (CNS 13783-1 or CNS 13803) and use of hazardous substances (Section 5 of CNS 15663). The conformity assessment procedure will be Registration of Product Certification Scheme (Module II+III) or Type-approved Batch Inspection. (Send your comments on or before 2021-08-09)
2021-06-01 Regulations Regulations Governing Foreign Investments by Insurance Companies
2021-05-31 Act Act Governing the Appointment of Personnel from the Mongolia and Tibet Regions
2021-05-31 Regulations Water Pollution Control Measures and Test Reporting Management Regulations
2021-05-31 Regulations Regulations for Allocation of Centrally-Funded Tax Revenues
2021-05-27 Regulations Organization Table of Fiscal Information Agency,Ministry of Finance