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No. Date Type Title
1. 2019-02-14 Regulations Standards governing Prevention of Industrial Robots Hazards
2. 2019-01-14 Regulations Guidelines of Good Manufacture Practice (GMP)for Veterinary Drugs Manufacturers
3. 2019-01-10 Drafts In order to enhance the protection of consumers, the BSMI proposes to regulate the wireless charger. The conformity assessment procedure for all the product to be the Registration of Product Certification (RPC) Scheme (Module II+III). (Send your comments on or before 2019-03-18)
4. 2019-01-09 Act Civil Servants Election And Recall Act
5. 2019-01-07 Drafts The proposal continues to implement a twenty percent reduction of landing charge for the international flights for the nations of the New Southbound Policy at the category 2 and 3 airport from1st, January to 31st, December 2019; moreover, the landing charge for the international flights operation at Hualien and Taitung Airport will not be charged from 1st, January to 31st, December 2019. (Send your comments on or before 2019-01-17)
6. 2019-01-07 Drafts The proposal intends to make changes to the inspection standards for children's raincoat by adopting the updated version of CNS 15503, which was published on 18th, October 2018. The main measure will be the revision on the requirements to raincoat material which restrict the total amount of the 6 kinds of Phthalates to be less than 0.1%. (Send your comments on or before 2019-03-11)
7. 2019-01-04 Drafts "Regulations of Drones" promulgated the rules of drone registrations and marking, types of inspection and certification, responsibility of importer and manufacturer, remote-pilot licensing, general flight rules, flight permission and restrictions, application for waiver, safety-related event reporting, validation for foreign certificate and license, liability insurance and administrative fee collection to enusre the safety of the operations with administrative related process. (Send your comments on or before 2019-01-29)
8. 2019-01-02 Act Farmer Health Insurance Act
9. 2018-12-26 Act Animal Protection Act Amended Date 2018.12.26
10. 2018-12-22 Regulations Permit Management Regulations for Public or Private Waste Clearance and Disposal Organizations
11. 2018-12-11 Regulations The Business Operation Licensing and Administration Regulations of Measuring Instrument Enterprises
12. 2018-12-10 Regulations Standard Charges for Technical Skills Certification
13. 2018-12-07 Regulations Regulations on Special Leave for Employees of the Executive Yuan and Subordinated Agencies
14. 2018-12-06 Directions Directions Governing Inspection Procedure of Textile Goods
15. 2018-12-05 Act Presidential and Vice Presidential Election and Recall Act
16. 2018-12-05 Regulations Regulations Governing Visiting, Residency, and Permanent Residency of Aliens
17. 2018-12-03 Regulations Regulations Governing Investments in Insurance-related Enterprises by Insurance Companies
18. 2018-11-30 Directions Order of the Financial Supervisory Commission
19. 2018-11-29 Regulations Enforcement Rules of International Airport Park Development Act
20. 2018-11-28 Act Act Governing the Establishment of the Operations Fund for Subordinate Institutions of the Ministry of Education