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No. Date Type Title
1. 2019-10-04 Directions Application Regulations of Entry Permit for Different Grades of Mountain Climbing Routes in the Shei-Pa National Park
2. 2019-10-03 Drafts Protective helmets nowadays are having multi-functions by using high-tech technology, for examples, the Bluetooth video playback and photography functions. As these new functions are battery-powered (secondary lithium battery cells or secondary lithium battery packs), there are safety concerns. The BSMI is proposing to amend the inspection requirements for certain protective helmets currently subject to legal inspection to ensure their safety with multi-functions. This proposal applies to protective helmets for (1) drivers and passengers of motorcycle and mopeds, (2) pedal cyclists and (3) users of skates, skateboards and roller skates. In addition, a new version of the inspection standard will be adopted for the second and third categories of protective helmets. The conformity assessment procedure remains the same: Registration of Product Certification (RPC) or Batch Inspection. (Send your comments on or before 2019-12-06)
3. 2019-10-01 Regulations Regulations Governing Subrogation in National Health Insurance for Public Safety Accident and Significant Traffic Accidents, Public Nuisance Accidents, and Food Poisoning Accidents
4. 2019-10-01 Regulations Foreign Special Professional Who Possesses Special Expertise in the Field of Culture and Arts
5. 2019-09-30 Regulations Enforcement Rules of Fire Services Act
6. 2019-09-30 Directions Ministry of Culture, Republic of China (Taiwan) Translation Grant Program Application Guidelines
7. 2019-09-27 Drafts "Regulations of Civil Air Transport Enterprise" was amended on 21st, November 2018. In order to protect consumer rights and expose the progress of labor disputes, Article 35-5 of the aforesaid regulations is amended. (Send your comments on or before 2019-10-14)
8. 2019-09-26 Drafts MINISTRY OF TRANSPORTATION AND COMMUNICATIONS Notice is hereby given, to commence a period of public comments for the draft amendment on Article 9 of "The Regulations for Administrating Vessel Carriers" and delete Attachment 9 "Allowed Age Limit for Import of Built Vessel" (Send your comments on or before 2019-12-02)
9. 2019-09-17 Regulations Standards for Service Fees of the National Land Surveying and Mapping Center, Ministry of the Interior
10. 2019-09-16 Regulations Regulations on Subsidy and Standards for Establishing Breastfeeding (Breast Milk Collection) Room, Childcare Facilities and Measures
11. 2019-09-11 Drafts In order to enhance the consumer protection, the BSMI proposes to revise the current performance of EMC inspection standards for the Self-ballasted LED lamps. The conformity assessment procedures will remain unchanged under the Registration of Product Certification scheme or Type-approved Batch Inspection scheme. (Send your comments on or before 2019-11-18)
12. 2019-09-09 Regulations Regulations Governing Application for Overseas Compatriot Identity Endorsement by Males Who Have Not Completed Compulsory Military Service of Conscription Age or Near Conscription Age
13. 2019-09-09 Regulations Uniform Invoice Award Regulations
14. 2019-09-05 Drafts The landing charge for international flights of Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macao and countries of New Southbound Policy at the category 2 and 3 airport will not be charged from 1st, October 2019 to 31st, March 2020. (Send your comments on or before 2019-09-17)
15. 2019-09-03 Regulations Toxic and Concerned Chemical Substances Control Act Enforcement Rules
16. 2019-09-02 Drafts Along with the popularity of cycling, skating, skateboarding and roller skating as recreational activities, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) proposes to require that eye-protection attached to protective helmets used in cycling, skating, skateboarding and roller skating shall comply with safety standards to protect consumers' eyes from impact hazards. The conformity assessment procedure will be RPC Scheme (Modules II+IV, II+V, or II+VII) or Batch-by-Batch Inspection Scheme. (Send your comments on or before 2019-11-04)
17. 2019-08-29 Regulations Regulations for Labor Pension Act on the Labor Pension Fund Management / Utilization and Profit / Loss Allocation
18. 2019-08-27 Directions In accordance with the provisions of Paragraph 2 , Article 4 of the Regulations for the Review, Supervision and Exemption of Outflow Control and Proposal, the soil and water conservation plan referred to in Subparagraph 1, Paragraph 1, Article 83-10 of thi
19. 2019-08-26 Regulations Standard Charges for Technical Skills Certification
20. 2019-08-26 Regulations The categories and scopes list of legal measuring instrument designated by the Paragraph Two, Article 2 of the Enforcement Rules of Weights and Measures Act