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2020-07-21 Regulations Standards of Review Fees for the Registration of Western Medicines
2020-07-21 Drafts To enhance the helicopter external-load operations of General Aviation Operator, CAA, Ministry of Transportation and Communications amends the requirements of airmen, helicopters, airworthiness certification, crews, markings, placards and operation manuals with reference to the FAA Regulation Part 133 to line with international practices. (Send your comments on or before 2020-09-21)
2020-07-16 Drafts With a view to ensuring the safety of steels used in public construction, the Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) intends to regulate the inspection requirements for hot-dip galvanized steel pipes. The conformity assessment procedure for all such products will be registration of product certification. (Send your comments on or before 2020-09-21)
2020-07-10 Regulations Regulations for Foreign International Cooperation Foundations Applying with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for Recognition
2020-07-03 Regulations Regulations Governing Issuance, Revocation, and Cancellation of Emissions Certificate of Conformity for Diesel and Alternative Clean Fuel Engine Vehicles
2020-07-01 Regulations Regulations Governing the Organization of the Selection Committee and the Evaluation for Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects
2020-06-30 Drafts In order to strengthen the practical needs of management for crews and passengers, we revise the regulations that the ship owner or his/her agent who engages in international routes and direct cross-strait carriage between the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area shall declare the crew list, the crew member list and the passenger list before a ship's arrival at and departure from the international commercial port. In addition, considering the shipping practice needs, we delete the verification documents that ships using fuel when entering into international commercial port area under the jurisdiction of the Republic of China shall comply with the regulations or adopt the same emission reduction effect, and we revise the regulations that if the submitted documents are incomplete, the ship owner or his/her agent could not apply for the prior notice sheet for ship's departure in advance until the complete documents are submitted to the maritime and port authority or designated institution for inspection. (Send your comments on or before 2020-08-31)
2020-06-24 Regulations Standards for Identifying Small and Medium-sized Enterprises
2020-06-24 Regulations Enforcement Rules of the Patent Act
2020-06-23 Regulations Regulations Governing Application and Assignment of Radio Frequency for Telecommunications Enterprises