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Public Construction Commission(行政院公共工程委員會)

No. Title
1. Government Procurement Act CH
2. Enforcement Rules of the Government Procurement Act CH
3. Regulations for the Implementation of Procurement on a Turnkey Basis CH
4. Regulations for Joint Tendering CH
5. Regulations for Publication of Government Procurement Notices and Government Procurement Gazette CH
6. Tendering Regulations of Central Government Entities for Procurement of a Value Not Reaching the Threshold for Publication CH
7. Regulations Governing Assistance for Small and Medium Enterprises Participating in Government Procurement CH
8. Regulations for Invitation to Tender and Award of Contract in Special Procurement CH
9. Regulations Governing the Participation of Foreign Suppliers in the Procurement Not Subject To Any Treaties Or Agreements CH
10. Regulation for Selection and Fee Calculation in Relation to Design Contest Held by Entities CH
11. Regulations for Procurement of Real Property in Designated Areas by Entities CH
12. Regulations for the Implementation of Alternative Offers CH
13. Regulations for Selection and Fee Calculation of Professional Services Providers Entrusted by Entities CH
14. Regulations for Selection and Fee Calculation of Technical Services Providers Entrusted by Entities CH
15. Regulations for Selection and Fee Calculation of Information Services Providers Entrusted by Entities CH
16. Regulations for Bid Bond, Guarantee Bond and Other Guarantees CH
17. Regulations for Evaluation of the Most Advantageous Tender CH
18. Regulations for The Implementation of Inter-entity Supply Contracts CH
19. Regulations for the Implementation of Price Preference by Local Suppliers CH
20. Regulations for Priority Procurement of Eco-Products CH
21. Standards for Time-limits for Tendering CH
22. Ethics Regulations for Procurement Personnel CH
23. Standards for Qualifications of Tenderers and Determination of Special or Large Procurement CH
24. Regulations For Review by Procurement Evaluation Committee CH
25. Regulations Governing the Organization of Procurement Evaluation Committee CH
26. Regulations for Inviting or Entrusting Cultural or Art Professionals, Institutions, or Organizations to Perform or Join in Cultural or Art Activities CH
27. Regulations for Electronic Procurement CH
28. Regulations Governing Certification by Building Structure & Equipment Related Professional Engineers CH
29. Regulations Governing Professional Engineer Certification for Public Constructions CH
30. Act governing the administration of professional engineering consulting firms CH
31. Regulations for Incentives and Guidance to Professional Engineering Consulting Consulting Firms CH
32. Enforcement Rules of the Act Governing the Administration of Professional Engineering Consulting Firms CH
33. The Fee-charging Standards for Permission and Registration of Professional Engineering Consulting Firms CH
34. Regulations Governing the Security Assurance Plan and Processing Method for Personal Data of the Engineering Consulting Industry CH
35. Regulations for Coverage and Handling of Special Military Procurement CH
36. Organization and Operation Regulations of the Professional Engineer Discipline Committee and the Professional Engineer Discipline Retrial Committee CH
37. Professional Engineers Act CH
38. Enforcement Rules of Professional Engineers Act CH
39. Regulations for Renewal of Professional Engineer Licenses CH
40. The Fee-charging Standards for Professional Engineers Certificate and License CH
41. Regulations Governing Certification by Professional Environmental Engineers CH