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2021-05-04 Regulations Regulations for the Organization Procedure, Training Program, Drill and Service of the Voluntary Fire Fighters
2021-05-03 Regulations Regulations For Revenues, Expenditures, Safeguard And Utilization Of The Employment Security Fund
2021-04-29 Drafts In order to make the review process clearer and improve the efficiency of review operations, some 10 articles in the draft amendment of "Regulations Governing the Organization of the Selection Committee and the Evaluation for Private Participation in Infrastructure Projects" will be amended. (Send your comments on or before 2021-07-05)
2021-04-26 Regulations Regulations Governing Anti-Money Laundering and Countering the Financing of Terrorism for Jewelry Businesses
2021-04-26 Regulations The Enforcement Rules of the Estate and Gift Tax Act
2021-04-23 Regulations Regulations Governing Motor Vehicle Air Pollutant and Noise Emission Testing Organizations
2021-04-21 Regulations Imported Organic Agricultural Product and Organic Agricultural Processed Product Management Regulations
2021-04-14 Drafts To clarify the legal basis for sending/collecting registered mail through iBox, a clear definition for iBox and the feasibility of sending/collecting registered mail through it stipulated in Paragraph 2 and 3 of Article 48 have been added to "Regulations Governing the Handling of Mail". The addition of these two paragraphs highlights the purpose of iBox and its legal effect of sending/collecting registered mail. In order to avoid any future dispute, the circumstances of mail not accepted by iBox and the relevant handling of such mail stipulated in Paragraph 4 and 5 of Article 48 of the aforesaid regulations shall be announced by the Chunghwa Post. (Send your comments on or before 2021-06-18)
2021-04-13 Regulations Regulations on Professional Medal Bestowment, Hakka Affairs Council
2021-04-12 Regulations Uniform Invoice Award Regulations