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2024-02-20 Regulations Regulations on the Management of Fisheries Cooperation
2024-02-18 Drafts In order to strengthen the security of cargo storage and movement, establishing equipment specifications, reviewing standards for the new air express handling units or air cargo transshipment centers and prohibiting express delivery enterprises from grouping or sorting their consignments in the warehouse could facilitate sound development of the air express delivery business, thereby MOF made the amendment to "Regulations Governing Customs Clearance Procedures for Air Express Consignments". (Send your comments on or before 2024-04-17)
2024-02-06 Regulations Regulations on Safeguarding Civil Aviation Against Acts of Unlawful Interference has files
2024-01-30 Directions Directions Governing Type Approval of Wall-Mounted Ceramic Washbasins
2024-01-29 Directions Rates and Categories of Administrative Fees for Using Primary Facilities of Fishing Ports Managed by the Ministry of Agriculture
2024-01-23 Regulations Regulations Governing the Awarding of the “Professional Medal for Agriculture” by the Ministry of Agriculture
2024-01-23 Drafts The Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection proposes to adopt the most recent version of CNS 15911 "Child use and care articles-Children's bedguards for domestic use" and CNS 15503 "General safety requirements for children's products," as the inspection standards for children's bedguards in order to ensure adequate protection of young children. The revision of these standards mainly involves the addition of requirements for the test mattress and the deletion of DMP and DEP from the scope of restricted phthalates. The conformity assessment procedure remains unchanged. (Send your comments on or before 2024-03-22)
2024-01-19 Regulations Regulations for Providing Legal Aid in Lawsuits Concerning Gender Equality in Employment has files
2024-01-19 Directions Operation Directions for the Accreditation of Embodied-carbon Building Rating Label Evaluation Organizations
2024-01-19 Directions Operation Directions of Applying for Approval of Embodied-carbon Building Rating Label