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Legislative History

Title: Personal Data Protection Act CH
Announced Date: 1995-08-11
Amended Date: 2023-05-31
Category: Preparatory Office of Personal Data Protection Commission(個人資料保護委員會籌備處)
1.Promulgated by Presidential Decree Ref. No. ROC-President-(I)-Yi-5960 dated August 11, 1995
2.Amended on May 26, 2010
3.Amended on December 30, 2015
The joint announcement was made on January 10, 2019 by the Ministry of Justice Order fa-lu-zi No. 10803500010 and the National Development Council fa-fa-zi No. 1080080004A. The relevant matters set out in Article 53 and Article 55 pertaining to “The Ministry of Justice” shall be handled by “The National Development Council” as governing body.
4.Amended on May 31, 2023