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Title: Standards for Establishing Vocational Schools CH
Abolished Date: 2015-10-20
Category: Ministry of Education(教育部)
Article 1
These Standards are adopted pursuant to the provisions of Article 3 of the Vocational School Law ("the Law").
Article 2
The establishment, amendment, registration, or suspension of the operations of a vocational school shall take into account the population, traffic, community, cultural environment, administrative region and geographical distribution of the schools pursuant to the provisions of Articles 6 and 7 of the Law.
Article 3
Vocational schools with less than 600 students shall have a school lot of at least 20,000 square meters available for development and use. If the number of students is more than 600, an additional 10 square meters shall be provided for each additional student.
Where the community in which a vocational school is established has public facilities that may be provided to the school for use in physical education, the standard for the area of the school lot may be reduced by half the amount of the area of the public facilities provided, so long as long-term loan contract and lesson plans shall be submitted to the competent educational authority for approval, and approval has been granted by the competent educational authority. The reduction in area, however, may not exceed one-fifth of the total area of the school lot.
Agricultural vocational schools shall have an additional 50,000 square meters of land or more available for use as demonstration plots.
Article 4
Vocational school facilities shall meet the following standards:
1. Where a vocational school has twelve classes or fewer, its building land area shall be at least 2,600 square meters. Where there are more classes and students, the building land area shall be increased in due proportion, subject to the approval of the competent educational authority.
2. There shall be a sufficient number of school facilities, including classrooms, offices, library, sports fields, health center, armory, lavatories and auditorium (or student activity center).
3. Each classroom shall in principle be capable of accommodating forty-five people with an average floor area of two square meters per person.
4. Vocational schools in the categories of agriculture, industry, business, marine technology, fisheries, home economics, arts, and drama shall provide sufficient practical venues for students, including laboratories, workshops, farms, ships, banks, and shops.
Article 5
Vocational schools shall have an adequate number of qualified instructors and set up administrative units and hire administrative personnel pursuant to the provisions of Article 10-3 of the Law. In the aspects of organization and numbers, national vocational schools shall be governed by the Ministry of Education; municipal/county-run/city-run vocational schools shall be governed by the provisions of Article 62 of the Local Government Act; and private vocational schools shall be governed by the competent educational authority.
Article 6
A public vocational school shall have a personnel unit to undertake school administration pursuant to the applicable laws and regulations. A private school may model its personnel operations on the provisions of this Article.
Article 7
A public vocational school shall have an accounting unit to undertake budgeting, accounting, and statistics pursuant to the applicable laws and regulations. A private vocational school should model its accounting operations in accordance with the provisions of the Private School Law and related provisions.
Article 8
When a newly established private vocational school applies for accreditation, its establishment funds and initial endowment fund shall be pursuant to the following provisions:
(1) There shall be sufficient funds for the establishment of the school (including for land purchases, land leases, buildings, and facilities) and sufficient annual operating funds to maintain basic operations.
(2) An initial endowment fund of 50 million New Taiwan Dollars shall be raised, with the endowment deposited in an exclusive bank account.
Article 9
For a vocational school already established in accordance with these provisions before these Standards entered into force, the school may continue to recruit students on the basis of requirements regarding school lot and school size that were in effect before these Standards went into force.
Article 10
These Standards shall enter into force from the date of issuance.