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2022-09-24 Drafts The Ministry of Transportation and Communications has drafted the amendment of "Regulations on Safeguarding Civil Aviation Against Acts of Unlawful Interference". Due to the amendment of ICAO Annex 17 and taking various operational elements into consideration to meet the practical need, Article 9, 27 and 30 have been amended respectively. (Send your comments on or before 2022-09-30)
2022-09-22 Drafts Nowadays, the UV disinfection appliance is popular with consumers for fighting with the pandemic. The BSMI considers the radiation emitted from UV disinfection appliances may pose hazards to consumers and the radiation can not be easily detected by consumers. Improper use of UV disinfection appliances may impair vision and cause damage to the skin of consumers. In order to ensure safety for consumers, the BSMI plans to regulate UV disinfection appliances from 1st, May 2023. Two alternative conformity assessment procedures are made available for the choice of applicants, i.e. Registration of Product Certification (RPC) or Type-Approved Batch Inspection (TABI). (Send your comments on or before 2022-11-21)
2022-09-15 Drafts Plugs and socket outlets for fixed wiring are having more and more diversified functions, e.g., wireless control, timing control and induction control. Household switches for fixed wiring are gradually being replaced by electronic switches. As a result of risk assessment, BSMI proposes to add 8 products for fixed wiring with wireless control, wired network control, timing control, voice control, motion sensing, light sensing and electricity calculation functions into the scope of legal inspection. (Send your comments on or before 2022-11-14)
2022-09-13 Regulations Regulations on Contracted Employment of the Executive Yuan and Its Subordinate Agencies
2022-09-13 Drafts The proposal involves adoption of revised inspection requirements for blended hydraulic cement commodities. The commodities will be required to comply with the revised CNS 15286:2022. (Send your comments on or before 2022-11-11)
2022-09-09 Drafts Aiming to enhance consumer protection, the BSMI proposes to adopt the new version of CNS 7088 "pressure regulators for liquefied petroleum gas" which was announced on 18th, February 2022 as the testing and inspection standard. The conformity assessment procedure for such products will be Registration of Product Certification(RPC) Scheme (type test+ declaration of conformity). (Send your comments on or before 2022-11-07)
2022-09-08 Regulations Regulations on Scientific and Technological Personnel Support for Military Activities
2022-09-02 Regulations Enforcement Rules of Act for Establishment and Administration of Science Parks
2022-08-27 Drafts In order to enhance safety standards and reduce flight risks, Article 57-1 and 202-1 and relevant supplementaries for helicopter hoist operation and offshore operation of "Aircraft Flight Operation Regulations" are amended as reference to FAR Part 133 and EASA regulations. (Send your comments on or before 2022-09-12)
2022-08-18 Regulations Regulations for Tuna Longline Fishing Vessels Operating in the Maritime Area Subject to the Fisheries Agreement between Taiwan and Japan