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No. Date Type Title
1. 2022-08-01 Directions Guidelines for Handling and Investigating Research Misconduct The National Science and Technology Council
2. 2022-07-29 Directions Regulations for Religious Groups to Apply for a Foreigner to Study Religious Doctrine in Taiwan
3. 2022-07-21 Directions Directions for Access to Archives, National Land Surveying and Mapping Center, Ministry of the Interior
4. 2022-07-20 Directions Amendment to Directions Governing MOE K-12 Education Administration Subsidies for the Promotion of the Implementation of Local Exam-free Admission in Senior High Schools in School Zones
5. 2022-07-13 Directions Operating Procedure for Public or State-Owned Enterprises to Lease Land for Solar Photovoltaic Projects under the Renewable Energy Power and Certificate Matchmaking Service
6. 2022-07-12 Directions Directions of Recognition for Startups with Innovation Capability
7. 2022-07-11 Directions Imported livestock and poultry meat products shall be accompanied by official certificate issued by the competent authority of the exporting country has files
8. 2022-07-01 Directions Required Qualification and Directions for Life Insurance Companies to Engage in Foreign-currency Denominated Non-investment-linked Life Insurance Business
9. 2022-06-20 Directions Directions Governing the Inspection Procedure for Polyvinyl Chloride Floorcoverings
10. 2022-06-17 Directions Particular Criteria Governing Designated Testing Laboratories for Mechanical Commodities
11. 2022-06-16 Directions The Operation Directions for Business Tax Declaration Electronic Data
12. 2022-06-02 Directions Directions for Funding the Production of Motion Pictures and Television Dramas in the Republic of China by Foreign Motion Picture and Television Production Enterprises
13. 2022-05-26 Directions Directions Governing the Inspection Procedure for Cement
14. 2022-05-26 Directions Directions Governing the CNS Mark
15. 2022-05-23 Directions Directions for the Central Bank of the Republic of China (Taiwan) Accommodations to Banks
16. 2022-05-13 Directions Operation Directions for Establishment of Superficies on National Non-public Use Land
17. 2022-05-11 Directions Directions of Loans for Startup Funding for Young Entrepreneurs
18. 2022-05-09 Directions Tourism Bureau, MOTC: Promotion Details for Foreign Incentive Tours to Taiwan
19. 2022-04-27 Directions Guideline for the Review of Work Rules has files
20. 2022-04-20 Directions Utilization Directions for the Labor Funds has files