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No. Date Type Title
1. 2020-09-14 Regulations Regulations Governing the Implementation of the Epidemiological Surveillance and Advance-Alert System for Communicable Diseases
2. 2020-08-21 Regulations Regulations Governing Coordination & Liaison between Coast Guard Administration and Customs
3. 2020-08-18 Regulations Standards for Determining Specific Items and Scope of Environmental Impact Assessments for Development Activities
4. 2020-08-12 Regulations Standards for veterinary drug residue limits in foods
5. 2020-08-11 Regulations Announcement of Disease Prevention Devices, Equipment, Drugs, Medical Equipment, or Other Disease Prevention Supplies Pursuant to Article 12 of the Special Act for Prevention, Relief and Revitalization Measures for Severe Pneumonia with Novel Pathogens
6. 2020-08-11 Regulations Regulations Governing Enrollment in Postal Simple Life Insurance Policies
7. 2020-08-11 Regulations Sanitation Standard for Processing Aids
8. 2020-08-11 Regulations Standards for Specification, Scope, Application and Limitation of Food Additives
9. 2020-08-07 Regulations Regulations for the Review and Approval of Applications for Construction License of Radioactive Wastes Treatment, Storage and Final Disposal Facilities
10. 2020-08-07 Regulations Regulations Governing Procurements for Scientific and Technological Research and Development
11. 2020-08-05 Regulations Standard Charges for Technical Skills Certification
12. 2020-08-05 Regulations Enforcement Rules of the Archives Act
13. 2020-08-05 Regulations Regulations for Allocation of Centrally-Funded Tax Revenues
14. 2020-08-04 Regulations Regulations Governing of Criteria for the Label, Promotion and Advertisement of Foods and Food Products Identified as False, Exaggerated, Misleading or Having Medical Efficacy
15. 2020-08-04 Regulations Regulations Governing Application for Approval of Compulsory License of Musical Works and Royalties for Use Thereof
16. 2020-07-27 Regulations Air Emission Standards of Mobile Source
17. 2020-07-22 Regulations Regulations Governing Coordination & Liaison between Coast Guard Administration, Executive Yuan and Police, Immigration, & Fire Organizations
18. 2020-07-22 Regulations Administrative Regulations on the Establishment and Operation of the Dedicated Taxi Telecommunications Network
19. 2020-07-21 Regulations Standards of Review Fees for the Registration of Western Medicines
20. 2020-07-15 Regulations Regulations on Special Leave for Employees of the Executive Yuan and Subordinated Agencies