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No. Date Type Title
1. 2024-03-29 Regulations Regulations Governing Management of the Health Examination of Employed Aliens has files
2. 2024-03-29 Regulations Standards for Pesticide Residue Limits in Foods has files
3. 2024-03-18 Regulations Regulations Governing Prevention against Transnational Trafficking in Persons and Protection of Victims
4. 2024-03-14 Regulations Directions for Applying to Register as a Telecommunications Enterprise
5. 2024-03-13 Regulations Regulations Governing Appropriation and Use of the Fund for Privatization of Government-owned Enterprises under the Executive Yuan
6. 2024-03-11 Regulations Regulations for Revenues, Expenditures, Safeguard and Utilization of the Employment Security Fund has files
7. 2024-03-08 Regulations Regulations for the Deliberation of Basic Wage
8. 2024-02-27 Regulations Regulations for the Importation of Objects Subject to Animal Quarantine
9. 2024-02-20 Regulations Regulations on the Management of Fisheries Cooperation
10. 2024-02-19 Regulations Regulations Governing Trade between the Taiwan Area and the Mainland Area
11. 2024-02-17 Regulations Regulations Governing Road Traffic Accidents
12. 2024-02-17 Regulations The Organic Regulation of the International Trade Commission, Ministry of Economic Affairs
13. 2024-02-15 Regulations Enforcement Rules for the Gender Equity Education Act
14. 2024-02-06 Regulations Enforcement Rules of The Veterans Assistance Act
15. 2024-02-06 Regulations Regulations on Safeguarding Civil Aviation Against Acts of Unlawful Interference has files
16. 2024-01-30 Regulations Regulation for the Management and Subsidies of Approved Professional Occupational Rehabilitation Institutions for Workers Suffering Occupational Accidents has files
17. 2024-01-30 Regulations Regulations Governing the Issuance and Replacement of Compliance Certification and Sample Testing for New Vehicle Model Noise Inspections
18. 2024-01-30 Regulations Regulations for Permission and Supervision of Private Employment Services Institution has files
19. 2024-01-26 Regulations Regulations Governing the Issuance, Revocation and Abolition of Compliance Certification for Motorcycle Configuration Exhaust Emission
20. 2024-01-26 Regulations Regulations on Tax Reduction Encouragement for Introduction of Industries into New Towns