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No. Date Type Title
1. 2021-12-30 Regulations Standard Charges for Technical Skills Certification has files
2. 2021-12-21 Regulations Regulations Governing Operation of the Communicable Disease
3. 2021-12-16 Regulations Regulations on the Residence Qualification Determination Criteria for Countries or Regions Where it is Difficult for Foreigners to Obtain Permanent Residency,2022 Effective from January 1,2022 to December 31,2022
4. 2021-12-15 Regulations Regulations Governing Management of Infectious Biological Materials
5. 2021-12-07 Regulations Uniform Invoice Award Regulations
6. 2021-12-06 Regulations Preference Regulations for Leasing and Setting Up Superficies on Government Own Real Estate by the Private Sector to Build Public Housing
7. 2021-12-02 Regulations Organization Regulations of the National Defense University has files
8. 2021-11-30 Regulations Regulations for the Security and Maintenance of Personal Information Files in Cooperative & Civil Associations-related Non-government Agencies
9. 2021-11-26 Regulations Regulations of Drone has files
10. 2021-11-24 Regulations Monthly Contribution Classification of Labor Pension has files
11. 2021-11-23 Regulations Regulations of New and Existing Chemical Substances Registration
12. 2021-11-19 Regulations Regulations for Reducing Business and Entertainment Taxes for Cultural and Arts-related Enterprises
13. 2021-11-19 Regulations Republic of China (Taiwan) Regulations Concerning Review and Issuance Procedures for Employment-seeking Visa Applications Submitted by Foreign Professionals
14. 2021-11-18 Regulations Regulations on Awards Granted by the Ministry of Culture to Sponsors Funding Cultural and Arts-related Workers or Enterprises
15. 2021-11-18 Regulations Regulations Governing the Recognition of Designated Laboratory for Measuring Instrument
16. 2021-11-18 Regulations Regulations Governing the Preparation of Financial Reports by Insurance Enterprises
17. 2021-11-12 Regulations Regulations Governing Real Estate Investment by Insurance Enterprises
18. 2021-11-11 Regulations Regulations Governing Fees for the CNS Mark
19. 2021-11-11 Regulations Medical Examination Standards of Airmen has files
20. 2021-11-10 Regulations Establishment Standard and Safety Control Regulation for Manufacturing, Storing, Processing Public Hazardous Substances and Flammable Pressurized Gases Places