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No. Date Type Title
1. 2021-01-21 Regulations Regulations Governing the Declaration, Inspection, Duty and Release of Personal Luggage or Goods of Inward passengers
2. 2021-01-11 Regulations Organic Agricultural Product and Organic Agricultural Processed Product Certification Management Regulations
3. 2021-01-11 Regulations Imported Organic Agricultural Product and Organic Agricultural Processed Product Management Regulations
4. 2020-12-14 Regulations Regulations for the Minimum Standards of Seafarer Wages, On-Shore Charges, and Overtime Charges
5. 2020-12-14 Regulations Enforcement Rules of the Overseas Compatriot Identity Certification Act
6. 2020-12-14 Regulations Regulations Governing Issuance of NTD Bank Debentures by Foreign Bank Branches
7. 2020-12-11 Regulations Regulations on the Approval of Investment in or the Operation of Foreign Flag Fishing Vessels
8. 2020-12-11 Regulations Regulations of the Residence Qualifications of the Countries or Regions that Are Difficult for Foreigners to Obtain Their Permanent Residency, 2021 Effective from January 1, 2021 to December 31, 2021
9. 2020-12-10 Regulations Sanitation Standards for General Foods
10. 2020-12-10 Regulations Standard Charges for Technical Skills Certification
11. 2020-12-02 Regulations Enforcement Rules of Soil and water Conservation Act
12. 2020-12-01 Regulations Regulations Governing Reporting by Medical Personnel upon Detection of HIV Infections
13. 2020-12-01 Regulations Motor Vehicle Noise Control Standards
14. 2020-12-01 Regulations Announcement: To prevent the spread of COVID-19, face masks must be worn when entering areas with high-risks of infection and transmission starting from December 1, 2020
15. 2020-11-26 Regulations Accounting Standards and Regulations for the Telecommunications Enterprise with Significant Market Power
16. 2020-11-26 Regulations Regulations governing fees of Telecommunications Enterprise with Significant Market Power
17. 2020-11-26 Regulations Regulations Governing Interconnection involving Significant Market Power
18. 2020-11-26 Regulations Regulations Governing the Determination and Cancellation of Significant Market Power
19. 2020-11-25 Regulations Amendment to Articles 6~8 of the Regulations For Subsidizing Life Assistance As Well As Nursery And Medical Expenses Of Disadvantaged Children And Youth
20. 2020-11-24 Regulations Regulations for Tuna Longline or Purse Seine Fishing Vessels Proceeding to the Pacific Ocean for Fishing Operation