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No. Date Type Title
541. 2019-06-06 Regulations Regulations for Implementing and Rewarding Skills Competition
542. 2019-06-06 Regulations Regulations for the Issuance of Building Permit and Fishing License of Fishing Vessel
543. 2019-06-06 Directions Operation Rules for Review and Assessment of World Trade Organization Members or Countries in Organic Equivalence
544. 2019-06-06 Directions Guidelines for Ministry of Culture Financial Support for Cultural Exchanges and Collaborative Projects between Regions of Western and Southern Asia and Taiwan (Amended)
545. 2019-06-05 Act Cultural Fundamental Act
546. 2019-06-05 Act Teachers’ Act
547. 2019-06-05 Drafts In order to simplify the investment amount verification procedure for foreign nationals and overseas Chinese, and to remove compulsory settlement of foreign currency investment capital to New Taiwan Dollars, the draft amendment of the “Regulations for Verification of Investment by Overseas Chinese and Foreign Nationals” is formulated for the purpose of enhancing flexibility of capital utilization to investors and domestic companies. (Send your comments on or before 2019-06-26)