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Title: Safety Standard of Machinery and Equipment CH
Category: Ministry of Labor(勞動部)
Chapter 1 General Provisions
Article 1
In accordance with the Occupational Safety and Health Act( hereinafter referred to as the Act) Article 6 Paragraph 3, Article 7 Paragraph 2 and Article 8 Paragraph 5, the standard is enacted.
Article 2
This standard is applicable to machinery, equipment or devices stated below:
1. Those specified in Article 12 of the Enforcement Rules of the Act.
2. Those announced by the central competent authority in according with Paragraph 1, Article 8 of the Act.
The structures, performances and safe guards of the above-mentioned machinery, equipment or devices shall not below the requirements of this standard.
Article 3
Terms of the standard are defined as follows:
1. A protective stop mechanism: referred to automatically stop a slider, a cutter or a ram(hereinafter referred to as the slider) when a press machine or a shear machine detecting dangerous or abnonmal condition.
2. An emergency stop device: referred to stop the slider moving by manual operation when the press or the shear machine detecting dangerous or abnonmal condition.
3. A self-adjusting contact-preventive device: referred to the safetyguard of a hand-fed planer that can automatically open or close with the feeding of processing material to prevent a blade from touching.