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Part 3 Fire Safety Equipments
Chapter 4 Necessary Equipments for Fire Rescue
Section 5 Wireless Communication Auxiliary Equipments
Article 192
Wireless communication auxiliary equipments shall be installed pursuant to the following provisions:
1.Wireless communication auxiliary equipments shall employ wave carrier coaxial cable, which is suitable for transmitting or radiating 150MHz wave or other wave frequency designated by the central regulating authority.
2.The nominal impedance of wave carrier coaxial cable shall be 50Ω.
3.Heat-resistant treated shall have made to the employed wave carrier coaxial.
4.Distributor, mixer, wave separator and other similar appliances shall employ those having waterproof connectors and little attenuation.
5.Where an amplifier is used, a battery shall be employed as the emergency power for the amplifier, and the emergency of the battery shall enable the amplifier to effectively work for at least 30minutes.
6.Wireless connectors shall meet the following requirements:
(1)They shall be located at the positions on the ground convenient for the firefighters to fetch, and in watchrooms or other places populated at other times.
(2)Where the travel distance from any gateway to another is more than 300m, at least two above-mentioned connectors located on the ground shall be installed.
(3)They shall be located 0.8~1.5m above the floor or the base ground.
(4)They shall be installed in protecting boxes equipped with 2m or longer radio frequency cable inside. The boxes shall be provided waterproof and dust proof measures, and the box surface shall be painted red and marked with “Wireless Connectors Dedicated for Fire Service”.