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Legislative History

Title: Regulations for the Establishment of Pharmaceutical Plant, Bureau of Controlled Drugs, Department of Health, Executive Yuan CH
Announced Date: 2000-10-18
Abolished Date: 2014-12-23
Category: Ministry of Health and Welfare(衛生福利部)
1. The full content of Article 11 prescribed and promulgated on the basis of order (89) Wei-Shu-Ren-Tzu-0890024188 dated Oct. 18, 2000 under the seal of the Department of Health, Executive Yuan, and it retroactive enforcement came into effect on July 1, 1999.
2. Invalidation announced on Dec. 23, 2014 as per the Ministry of Health and Welfare’s orderNo. Pu-Shou-Shih-Tzu-1032401333.