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Article 1
This Procedure has been developed pursuant to Article 11.2 of Coast Guard Law.
Article 2
In carrying out those operations within the scope specified by laws related to agriculture, forestry, fishery, and livestock farming (hereinafter to be referred as Agriculture Laws) by Coast Guard Administration and any organization under CGA (the Coast Guard Organization) of Executive Yuan as well as Council of Agriculture of Executive Yuan, any organization subordinate to Council of Agriculture and any agriculture or fishery organization (jointly the Agricultural Organization) with its operations under the supervision by Council of Agriculture within their respectively jurisdiction shall be provided as follows:
1.After having duly processed any case of violation against the law in the course of performing lawful duties in the areas including sea territory, coastline, river and non-trading port, the case when found also involved in violation against the Agricultural Laws shall be referred together with the evidences to the Agricultural Organization for further process.
2.Should the case referred in the preceding subparagraph 1 strictly involve the professional area of agriculture, the Coast Guard Organization when deemed as necessarily at own discretion, may coordinate with the Agricultural Organizations to seek support.
3.While following the provisions set forth in Articles 15.2 and 15.3 of Administrative Procedure Law, for any matter the Coast Guard Organizations are requested to support by an Agricultural Organization as provided by the law, an operation process flow shall be developed to facilitate the operation.
The Coast Guard Organization or the Agricultural Organization upon discovering in the jurisdiction in any case that should be investigated and processed by the other party; the Coast Guard Organization or the Agricultural Organization while making the necessary disposition must immediately notify to the responsible party.
Article 3
With the exception of an emergency, any support mutually requested by one or the other between the Coast Guard Organization and the Agricultural Organization shall be made only in writing. If the request is made in any forth other than in writing, a later submittal of written information shall be followed.
Article 4
A system for the exchange of information, intelligence and communication shall be established and maintained by both the Coast Guard Organization and the Agricultural Organization. Both parties shall maintain mutual contacts, share the resources, and notify each other in case of any emergency or major condition.
Article 5
The Coast Guard Organization and the Agricultural Organization for the purpose of improving coordination and liaison may have their subordinate organizations to hold a regional meeting depending on the practical needs by the region on matters of the contents, approaches and coordination of the operation to be carried out as provided by the laws.
If and when necessarily, any other organization may be invited to present in the meeting.
Article 6
The Coast Guard Organization may request the Agricultural Organization to provide for the Coast Guard Organization agents the professional training and education on such as the fishery identification with the expenditures incurred to be paid by the budget prepared by the Coast Guard Organization.
Article 7
Any failure in reaching agreement among the organizations respectively from CGA and Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan in the course of duly performing their duties or requesting mutual support shall be referred to CGA and Council of Agriculture, Executive Yuan to negotiate and agree upon a solution.
Article 8
This Procedure shall become operative on and after the date it is published.