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Article 1
In order to carry out the 1979 Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women (hereinafter referred to as the “Convention”), to remove all forms of discrimination against women, to promote the sturdy development of women, to materialize protection to gender and human rights and to advance gender equality, this Enforcement Act is hereby enacted.
Article 2
All terms and conditions specified in the Convention regarding protection to human rights of different genders and promotion of sexual equality shall have the same effect as domestic laws.
Article 3
All rules, regulations, ordinances and administrative measures applicable to the Convention shall refer to the intention of the Convention, and any and all interpretations and explanations provided by the Committee on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination against Women of the United Nations.
Article 4
Upon exercising its authority, all government units shall do so in accordance with all rules and regulations regarding protection to genders and human rights specified in the Convention, eliminate gender discrimination, and actively promote the realization of gender equality.
Article 5
All government units shall, in accordance with their duties and obligations under current laws and regulations, take the responsibility to plan, promote and enforce matters relevant to the Convention, and carry out assessment. If a matter shall be handled by responsible persons of different government units, all persons involved shall coordinate and communicate for the execution of such matter.
The government shall work with governments of other countries, domestic and international non-government organizations and human right groups in order to achieve the goal of shielding and advancing all protections of genders and human rights specified in the Convention.
Article 6
The government shall, in accordance to the Convention, establish a reporting system for eliminating all forms of discrimination against women, provide a national report every four years, and invite all relevant experts and representatives of non-government organizations to peruse such report. The government shall, based on the comments and suggestions so provided, review the current circumstances and draw up subsequent resolutions.
Article 7
Priority shall be given to funding any and all government unit’s implementation of rules regarding protection to genders and human rights specified in the Convention in accordance with the then financial status of the government. All such funding shall be then carried out gradually.
Article 8
All government units shall review all rules, regulations and administrative measures administered by them in accordance with the Convention. Shall there be anything in conflict with the Convention, the relevant government unit shall complete the enactment of a new rule or regulation, amendment or abolishment of the old rule or regulation, and improvement of the administrative measure within three (3) years after this Enforcement Act comes into effect.
Article 9
This Enforcement Act shall come into effect from January 1, 2012.