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Chapter V-4 Agriculture, Forestry, Animal Husbandry, or Fish Farming Jobs
Article 19-12
For foreign workers hired to perform the agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, or fish farming jobs referred to in subparagraph 6 of Article 4 herein, their employers shall be those engaged in one of the following jobs:
1. Management of livestock farms engaged in feeding management, reproduction, milking, egg collection, livestock farm clean-out, waste treatment and recycling, feed preparation, disease prevention, and physical tasks related to animal husbandry.
2. Management of orchid planting, edible mushroom planting, vegetable planting, and physical tasks related to agricultural foods.
3. Management of fish farm seafood feeding management, reproduction and harvesting, fish farm cleaning, and physical tasks related to fish farming.
4. Management of any agriculture and forestry jobs designated by the Central Competent Authority in consultation of the Industry Central Competent Authority.
The employers referred to in the preceding paragraph who are held by the Industry Central Competent Authority satisfying the requirements of Table 10 hereto may apply for the initial recruitment permit for employment of foreign workers.
The allocation ratio and determination of the total number of domestic workers and hired foreign workers, with respect to the foreign workers hired by the employer to engage in the agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, or fish farming referred to in Paragraph 1, shall satisfy the requirements in Table 12. P A G