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Chapter 1 General Principles
Article 1
The present Regulations are prescribed according to Section 5 of Article 17 of Commercial Port Law
Article 2
The salvage operator mentioned herein means the operator engaged in the salvage of sunken vessels, wrecks or substances.
The person who engages in the salvage operator within the commercial port area and its administration area shall be governed by the provisions of these Regulations.
Article 3
The Ministry of Transportation and Communications (MOTC) may entrust local commercial port authority with the management of salvage operators and the penalties imposed thereon-stipulated in Commercial Port Law and these Regulations.
For the case stated in the preceding section, the matters and the bases of laws and regulations concerning such entrustment shall be publicly announced in the government’s bulletin and web site.
Article 4
For salvage operators to salvage the sunken vessels, wrecks or substances which belong to the nation, the "Application for Digging and Salvage of Buried and Sunken National Properties" shall apply in addition to the provisions prescribed herein.