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Chapter I: General Provisions
Article 1
These standards are set forth in accordance with the second paragraph of Article 10 of Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation.
Article 2
Unless otherwise stipulated by law, the construction of buildings and equipment of the food factories shall be made in accordance with the regulations of these standards.
Article 3
The food factories prescribed by these standards refer to factories that should apply for factory registration.
Article 4
The construction of food factories should conform to the regulations prescribed in Chapter 2; and the following specialized food factories should conform to regulations prescribed in Chapter 3. The relevant regulations for specialized food factories:
(1) Canned food factories
(2) Frozen food factories
(3) Candied fruit factories
(4) Beverage factories
(5) Soy sauce factories
(6) Dairy product factories
(7) Edible oil factories
(8) Dehydrated vegetable and fruit factories
(9) Lunch box food factories
(10) Instant noodle factories
(11) Food additive factories
The classifications of the preceding specialized factories are made in reference with Taiwan’s Standard Occupational Classification and Industrial Category and Classification, Ministry of Economic Affairs.