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Chapter I General Provisions
Article 1
These Regulations are enacted pursuant to Paragraph 2 of Article 26 of the Customs Act (hereinafter referred to as "the Act").
Article 2
The term "warehouse" as referred to in these Regulations is herein defined as a storage facility duly approved and registered with the Customs to hold goods for import, export, or trans-shipment and transit that are pending or under processing for Customs release.
Article 3
The operation of the warehouses, upon the official designation of the Customs authorities or upon Customs authorization of the operator's application, may be subject to autonomous management. The Customs shall not dispatch any customs officer to be stationed at a warehouse placed under the autonomous management system. However, the Customs may dispatch an officer to guide operations during the initial stages of the autonomous management period.
The conditions, matters, and review procedures of the aforementioned autonomous management system are subject to the provisions of the governing laws and regulations.
Warehouses operated under the autonomous management system shall appoint dedicated personnel to implement the aforementioned Customs authorized autonomous management matters pursuant to the governing Customs regulations. The Customs may conduct regular or unscheduled audit procedures, the procedures and regulations of which are subject to the discretion of the Customs authorities.
In the matter of a warehouse that is authorized by the Customs for autonomous management and located in air cargo terminals outside the airport control zones, such warehouse may, subject to Customs approval under relevant provisions of Customs Act, employ its own distinctive sealing tape to seal private bonded containers registered pursuant to the provisions of “The Regulations Governing the Customs Administration of Bonded Cargo Transportation Means” for the transportation of air cargo into and out of the Airport Control Zone, under the supervision of the Customs in charge of that zone.
Article 4
Except for certain special circumstances, a warehouse established under the provisions of these Regulations shall be classified under one of the following two categories:
1. Warehouse for imports: The facility is limited to the storage of import goods or trans-shipment goods and transit goods pending or under processing for Customs release.
2. Warehouse for exports: The facility is limited to the storage of export goods pending or under processing for Customs release.
A warehouse located inside an air cargo terminal is likewise subject to the provisions of these Regulations.