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Legislative History

Title: Regulations Governing Investment of Postal Savings in Beneficiary Certificates, Listed Securities and Over-the-Counter Securities CH
Announced Date: 2002-12-31
Amended Date: 2007-01-26
Category: Ministry of Transportation and Communications(交通部)
1. Promulgated on December 31,2002.
2. Addition of Article 11 and amendment to Article11 to Article12 on May 4,2004.
3. Amendment to Article 5,7,8,11 on July 31,2006.
4. Amendment to 12 articles in all Ministry of Transportation and Communications Decree No. Jiiao-Iu-Zi-0950085070、Financial Supervisory Commission , Executive Yuan Decree No.Jiin-Guan-Ien(2)-Zi-09620000542 dated January 26,2007;and Implementeded from announcement date.