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Legislative History

Title: Factory Management Act CH
Announced Date: 2001-03-14
Amended Date: 2019-07-24
Category: Ministry of Economic Affairs(經濟部)
1.Promulgated as per Letter, Reference Hua-Zong-1-Yi-Zi No.09000046490,dated March 14, 2001.
2.Amended as per Letter, Reference Hua-Zong-1-Yi-Zi No.09900136601,dated June 02, 2010.
3.Article 33 and 34 were amended as per Letter,Reference Hua-Zong-1-Yi-Zi No. 10300009941,dated January 22,2014.
4.Article 39, Chapter 4-1, Article 28-1,28-2,28-3,28-4,28-5,28-6,28-7,28-8,28-9,28-10,28-11,28-12and 28-13were amended as per Letter, Reference Hua-Zong-1-Jing-Zi No.10800074591, dated July 24, 2019.