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Legislative History

Title: The Act of Education Tuition Benefits for the Survivors of Military and Civil Servants CH
Announced Date: 1948-11-13
Amended Date: 2000-01-19
Category: Ministry of Education(教育部)
1.November 13, 1948, by Presidential Decree Kan-Zong-Tong-Fu-Gong-Bao No.2783, the entire contents of the promulgation contains 10 articles
2.July 27, 1992, by Presidential Decree Hua-Zong-(1)-Yi-Zi No.3641, the promulgated decree revises the name and the entire 10 articles (Original name:Preferential Schooling Measures for Children Affected by the Revolutionary and Anti-Japanese Wars)
3.January 19, 2000, by Presidential Decree (89) Hua-Zong-(1)-Yi No. 8900011910, the promulgation revises Article 4 of the Act