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Legislative History

1.Ministry of Finance No. 1014002829 dated 12.27.2012 and Ministry of the Interior Order No. 1010812585 dated 12.27.2012 promulgated jointly with effect on 12.30.2012
2.Ministry of Finance Order No.10640004330 dated 06.26.2017 and Ministry of the Interior Order No.10608090210 dated 06.26.2017 amended for joint promulgation (previously named as Preference Regulations for Leasing and Superficies on Government Own Non-public Real Estate Used by Private Sector to Build Society Apartments) with effect on 01.11.2017
3.Ministry of Finance Order No.11040010710 dated 12.06.2021 and Ministry of the Interior Order No.1100818032 dated 12.06.2021 amended for joint promulgation with effect on the date of promulgation