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1.Signed on July 7, 2010 and June 23, 2010; Entered into Force on July 7, 2010.
1. The Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the
United States (TECRO) and The American Institute in Taiwan
(AIT) (the Parties) enter into this Agreement to cooperate in
the areas of labor mediation and alternative dispute
resolution, through their respective designated
representatives, the Council of Labor Affairs (CLA) in
Taipei, and the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
(FMCS) in Washington, DC.

2. Under this Agreement, the Parties intend to engage in
cooperation in the areas of labor mediation and alternative
dispute resolution with the following goals:
a) To increase contacts and cooperation among professionals who
are engaged in labor management relations and dispute
resolution in the territories represented by TECRO and AIT;
b) To provide such professionals opportunities to collaborate in
solving problems of common interest; and
c) To utilize special facilities or research opportunities
available to each Party and their designated representatives.

3. In accordance with applicable laws and regulations of the
territories represented by the two Parties, cooperation under
this Agreement may be in the areas of labor dispute
mediation, preventive mediation, arbitration, alternative
dispute resolution, labor management relations, labor
management cooperation, and in training and program
administration related to these subject areas. Cooperative
activities may include the exchange of information, including
publications, visits, seminars and workshops, and research.
Other areas of cooperation and activities may be added upon
the agreement of the Parties and their designated

4. Implementation and Coordination. TECRO and AIT, through their
designated representatives, shall coordinate and implement
activities under this Agreement. Each designated
representative shall appoint a program coordinator and such
other coordinators as the Parties and their designated
representatives deem necessary.

5. Funding. Implementation shall be subject to the availability
of appropriated funds. For activities that involve FMCS
employees ’ travel to and work in the territory represented
by TECRO, TECRO, through AIT, shall provide FMCS employees
with international and local transportation, office and
training facilities, interpretation and translation services,
and a per diem reimbursement in local currency sufficient to
cover food and lodging. In addition, TECRO, through AIT,
shall reimburse FMCS for all program costs associated with
providing any training in the territory represented by TECRO.

TECRO, through AIT, shall pay FMCS any applicable tuition
fees for its sponsored visitors ’ attendance at established
FMCS training courses. For TECRO sponsored visitors who
request special training programs, or whose schedule of
visits requires significant FMCS professional time, TECRO,
through AIT, shall reimburse FMCS for the program costs of
making such arrangements or providing such training.

FMCS, through AIT, shall provide TECRO with a cost estimate
for its consideration, prior to making any such arrangements.
Neither FMCS nor AIT shall charge any additional fee for
arranging courtesy calls or other brief visits to FMCS
offices. Such activities will be provided gratis as an
indication of cooperation.

6. Review Meetings. The designated representatives ’ program
coordinators shall meet periodically, at times and places of
their choosing, to review this program and this Agreement.

7. Validity and Duration. This Agreement shall take effect on
the date of the last signature below and shall remain in
force unless terminated by either Party upon six months
written notice to the other Party or by mutual written
agreement of the Parties.

Signed in Washington, D.C., in the English language.

Mr. Jason C. Yuan Ms. Barbara J. Schrage
Representative Managing Director
Taipei Economic and American Institute in
Cultural Representative Taiwan
Office in the United
Date: July 7, 2010 Date: June 23, 2010