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1.Signed on December 13, 2011; Entered into Force on December 13, 2011.
The Bureau of Employment and Vocational Training of the Council
of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan of Taiwan, and the Australian
Commerce and Industry Office, Taipei, hereinafter referred to as
“ the Parties ”, enter into this Memorandum of Understanding
on Vocational Education and Training Cooperation, in order to
contribute positively to the strengthening of training and
development-related linkages between Taiwan and Australia.

The Parties have reached the following understanding:
Paragraph 1: Purposes
The purposes of this Memorandum of Understanding are to maintain
and enhance bilateral cooperation in vocational education and
training matters between Taiwan and Australia, to promote mutual
understanding of such matters and promote the pursuit of common
benefits and collaborative development in the vocational
education and training sector.

Paragraph 2: Activities
The Parties will encourage, through this Memorandum of
Understanding, the following activities:
(i) the promotion of internship and training exchanges between
relevant organisations and education institutions in Taiwan
and Australia;
(ii) the provision of assistance, information and services to
individuals to seek training opportunities and internships;
(iii) the facilitation of partnerships between appropriate
organisations in Taiwan and Australia regarding seminars,
workshops and conferences in education and training;
(iv) the organisation of reciprocal visits by relevant
professional experts and senior administrative personnel;
(v) the promotion, facilitation and encouragement, as
appropriate, of the development of direct contacts between
institutions, and other organisations and private sectors
including relevant industry or stakeholder associations.

Paragraph 3: Coordination and Implementation
Responsibility for coordinating activities and communication
concerning this Memorandum of Understanding will fall to the
Director General, the Bureau of Employment and Vocational
Training of the Council of Labor Affairs, Executive Yuan of
Taiwan and to the Director, Australian Education International,
Australian Commerce and Industry Office, Taipei.
Officials from the coordinating agencies will contact each other
and meet as necessary to discuss matters of mutual interest
related to the cooperation outlined in this Memorandum of
Understanding and to exchange information on their respective
programs, policies and practices.

Paragraph 4: Costs
Unless otherwise mutually determined between the Parties, each
Party engaging in cooperative activities and initiatives will be
responsible for all costs incurred as a result of its

Paragraph 5: Liability
In taking part in cooperative activities under this Memorandum
of Understanding, each Party will be responsible for its own
acts and the results thereof and will not be responsible for the
acts of the other Party and the results thereof. The Parties
should be responsible for implementing safeguards, terms and
conditions that are considered necessary by both Parties.

Paragraph 6: Intellectual Property Rights
This Memorandum of Understanding does not affect the
intellectual property rights of the Parties. In proposed
cooperative activities, where it is foreseeable the questions
related to intellectual property rights might arise, the
Parties, in accordance with their domestic laws, will mutually
determine in advance the effective protection and allocation of
those intellectual property rights.

In this paragraph “ Intellectual Property ” will have the
meaning provided for in Article 2 of the Convention Establishing
the World Intellectual Property Organization, done at Stockholm
on 14 July 1967, as amended on 28 September 1979.

Paragraph 7: General
This Memorandum of Understanding will take effect on the date of
signature by both Parties and will remain in effect for a period
of two years. This Memorandum of Understanding may be extended
or amended with the written consent of both Parties.

This Memorandum of Understanding may be terminated by either
Party at any time, upon six months written notice being given to
the other Party.

The termination of this Memorandum of Understanding will not
affect the validity or duration of activities prescribed
hereunder and initiated prior to such termination, unless the
Parties otherwise mutually determine.

Any dispute arising from the interpretation of any of the
paragraphs in this Memorandum of Understanding, or the specific
arrangements resulting from the same, will be amicably resolved
by the Parties through consultation.

In witness whereof, the undersigned being duly authorised, have
signed this Memorandum of Understanding.

Signed in duplicate in the Chinese and English Languages, both
texts being equally authentic, in Taipei on the thirteenth day
of December 2011.

For the Bureau of For the Australian
Employment and Vocational Commerce and
Training of the Council of Industry Office,
Labor Affairs, Executive Taipei
Yuan of Taiwan
Mr San-Quei Lin Mr Kevin Magee
Director General Representative