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Announced Date: 2003-03-20
Effective: 2003-03-20
1.Signed on March 20, 2003. Entered into force on March 20, 2003.
The Taipei Economic andCultural Office in the Philippines (TECO)
and the Manila Economic and Ciltural Office in Taipei (MECO) he-
reby promulgate the Following Guidelines for the implementation
of the revised Memorandum of Understanding on Special Hiring Pr-
ogram for the Republic of China (ROC) , to wit:
I.The TECO, in coordination with the proper authorities in the
ROC shall have the following responsibilities:
1.Shall ensure that the manpower requirements of the employers
are properly approved.
2.Shall issue letters of approval and/or grant clearance to e-
mployers availing of the program thereby allowing them to r-
ecruit workers upon compliance of all requirements.
3.Shall facilitate the documentary requirements of employers
availing of the special hiring facility.
4.Shall afford utmost protection of the ROC labor laws to Fil-
ipino workers hired through the program.
5.Shall facilitate the approval of visas for workers hired un-
der the program.
6.Shall ensure the establishment of efficient dispute settlem-
ent system.
7.Shall assist to provide temporary facility for workers with
pending issues and concerns for resolution by appropriate l-
ocal authoritites.
To this end, TECO shall make arrangements/enter into agreemen-
ts with concerned authorities in the ROC.
II.The MECO shall have the following responsibilities:
A.On Hiring and Placement of Professional, Skilled and Unski-
lled Workers for Corporate Employers
1.Shall promote the concept of special hiring program to T-
aiwan corporate employers through onsite publicity/annou-
ncement, orientation of prospective employers and onsite
visits to clients.
2.Shall ensure the provision of a recruitment facility whi-
ch shall service the manpower requirements of corporate
employers availing of the program.
3.Shall ensure the maintenance of continuing manpower pool
of applicants for corporate employers under the program.
4.Shall assist in the recruitment and documentation of wor-
kers hired through the program.
5.Shall conduct verification on the Taiwan employers who i-
ntend to hire Filipino workers through the program.
B.On the Processing on Name Hire Household Workers and Caret-
1.Shall ensure the provision of a name hire facility which
shall handle the processing of employment documents of h-
ousehold workers/caretakers directly hired by Taiwan emp-
loyers under the following circumstances:
1.1 Workers who were brought to Taiwan by their emloyers w-
ho were assigned/transferred to the territory from ano-
ther country.
1.2 Workers who are able to secure overseas employment opp-
ortunity with employers without the assistance or part-
icipation of any agency.
C.General Reponsibilities
1.Shall provide onsite services such as:
1.1 Translation services by request of employers
1.2 Counseling services by request of employers
1.3 Addidysnvr in orientation on laws, rules and regulatio-
ns of the host country
1.4 Assistance in recovery of monetary claims like postal
saving, labor and health benefits
1.5 Repatriation of workers whose employment contracts are
expired or terminated
2.Shall establish linkages with the concerned authorities
in Taiwan to ensure proper management of the program.
3.Shall ensure workers to comply with the ROC's laws and
regulations, fulfill contract obligations and not run aw-
ay while working within Taiwan.
4.In case of labor dispute between workers and employers,
the dispute shall be handled in accordance with the ROC's
laws and regulations.
5.Shall shholder the medical expenses incurred by workers
not qualified for health insurance.
To this end, MECO shall make arrangements/enter into agreem-
ents with appropriate Philippine authorities and entities.
The DOLE-POEA shall issue separate procedural guidelines on
the implementation of the program.
This agreement shall be effective from the date of signing
by both parties unless terminated by either party be giving
thirty (30) day notice to the other party, citing reason(s)
for such termination.
Signed on this 20th day of March, 2003 in Taipei.

For the Taipei Economic and For the Manila Economic and
Cultural Office in the Cultural Office in Taipei

Representative Representative

Chairperson Secretary
Council of Labor Affairs Department of Labor and Employment
Republic of China Republic of the Philippines