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1.Signed on December 6,1991; Entered into force on December 6,1991.
1. Background
Cooperation between scientists, engineers, scholars, and instit-
utions from the United States and Taiwan is furthered pursuant
to an Agreement dated September 4, 1980, between the American I-
nstitute in Taiwan (hereinafter referred to as "the AIT") and t-
he Coordination Council for North American Affairs (hereinafter
referred to as "the CCNAA"). The "Taiwan Relations Act" (Public
law 96-8, April 10, 1979) authorizes the continuation of commer-
cial, cultural and other relations between the people of the Un-
ited States and the people on Taiwan. Such relations are conduc-
ted by or through the AIT, a non-profit corporation, incorporat-
ed under the laws of the District of Columbia. The AIT words in
association with the Department of Labor (hereinafter referred
to as "the DOL") in Washington, D.C. in administering the progr-
am. The CCNAA performs a similar function in affiliation with C-
ouncil of Labor Affairs (hereinafter referred to as "the CLA")
in Taipei.
2. Program Goals
To increase contacts and cooperation between personnel of our t-
wo sides who are engaged in labor affairs; to provide such pers-
onnel opportunities to collaborate in solving problems of common
interest; and to utilize special facilities or research opportu-
nities available. Cooperation may be, inter alia, in the areas
of labor relations, labor welfare, labor policy, manpower plann-
ing, vocational training, employment service, employment standa-
rds, occupational safety and health, mine safety and health, la-
bor statistics and others agreed by both parties. The types of
cooperative activities may include the exchange of information,
including publications, visits, seminars and workshops, research
and others agreed by both parties.
3. Implementation and Coordination
The AIT and the CCNAA will coordinate and implement the activit-
ies agreed to under these guidelines with the bureaus, offices
and administrations of the DOL and similar organizations allied
to the CLA. Each side shall designate a program coordinator to
be responsible under these guidelines. For each topic identified
as the subject of a cooperative activity, each side shall also
name a topic coordinator.
4. Funding
For cooperative activities developed pursuant to the guidelines,
which involve the presence in Taiwan of DOL advisers to the AIT,
the CCNAA (or CLA) shall be responsible to provide those advise-
rs international and local transportation, office and training
facilities including interpretation and translation services as
required, and a per diem in local currency. In addition, a lect-
ure fee shall be paid to AIT for the duration of an adviser's p-
resence in Taiwan. For the 1992 program fiscal year (July 1, 199
1 - June 30, 1992) the lecture fee shall be set at U.S.$300 per
day (U.S.$1,500 per five-day manweek). The amount of the lecture
fee would be subject to change in future program fiscal years u-
pon the agreement of both parties in order to reflect changes in
For cooperative activities developed pursuant to the guidelines,
which involve the presence in the United States of CLA advisers
to the CCNAA, neither DOL nor AIT shall charge (other than appl-
icable tuition fees, if any) for arranging attendance at establ-
ished DOL training courses such as those given by the Bureau of
Labor Statistics, the Occupational Safety and Health Administra-
tion, etc., nor shall there be charges levied for arranging cou-
rtesy calls or other brief visits within DOL, nor shall charges
be levied for occasional and incidental scheduling which does n-
ot involve significant staff time. Such activities will be done
gratis as an indication of mutual cooperation.
For CCNAA visitors to the United States who request special tra-
ining programs, or whose schedule of visits requires significant
staff time (as determined by AIT in consultation with the DOL),
the actual costs of making such arrangements and providing such
training shall be reimbursed to DOL through AIT. In situations
which require significant staff time, the CCNAA shall be provid-
ed a cost estimate for its consideration prior to the arrangeme-
nt of activities pursuant to guidelines.
5. Review Meetings
The AIT and the CCNAA program coordinators shall meet periodica-
lly, at times and places of their choosing, to review this prog-
ram of cooperation and guidelines, and additions/modifications
to same.
6. Areas of Cooperation
The following topics are being considered for initial cooperati-
ve activity:
- Vocational Training
- Employment Service
- Occupational Safety and Health
- Mine Safety and Health
- Labor Statistics
- Labor Management Relations
- Labor Dispute Settlement
- Labor Welfare
- Formulation and Evaluation of
- Labor Policies
- Manpower Planning
Other areas of cooperation may be added as may be mutually agre-
ed to by the AIT and the CCNAA, with the concurrence of the DOL,
and the CLA.
7. Relationship to Previous Agreement
The present Agreement supersedes the "Guidelines for a Cooperat-
ive Program in Labor Affairs Between the American Institute in
Taiwan and the Coordination Council for North American Affairs"
signed by AIT and CCNAA respectively of May 8 and May 12,1986.
American Institute in Taiwan
Deputy Managing Director
Date: Dec. 6,1991
Coordination Council
for North American Affairs
Deputy Representative
Date: Dec. 6,1991