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1.Signed on December 11, 2013 Entered into force on December 11, 2013
The Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the
Government of Saint Christopher and Nevis, being desirous of
further strengthening the friendly relations existing between
the two countries and of expanding the scope of agricultural
technical cooperation, have consented to sign this Agreement.

The Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the
Government of Saint Christopher and Nevis (hereinafter referred
to as “ the Parties ” )jointly commit to promote agricultural
technical cooperation between the two countries.

The provisions of this Agreement shall apply to agricultural
technical cooperation between the Parties.

The Parties may use an exchange of notes to formulate an
agreement on the execution of each agricultural cooperation
project respectively.

Technical cooperation as defined in this Agreement shall
(1) Dispatch or exchange of experts (including project managers,
technicians, teachers, and other consultants and
professionals who assist in dealing with technical
cooperation projects)
(2) Exchange of technical information and statistical data.
(3) Student exchange and personnel training.
(4) Holding workshops, training courses or other similar
(5) Other mutually agreed upon cooperation projects.

The Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) shall bear its
obligations as follows:
(1) To pay salaries and medical insurance premiums to the
personnel dispatched from the Republic of China (Taiwan).
(2) To defray the travel costs of the above-mentioned personnel
to and from Saint Christopher and Nevis.

The Government of Saint Christopher and Nevis shall bear its
obligations as follows:
(1) To pay salaries to nationals of Saint Christopher and Nevis
who participate in cooperation projects.
(2) To provide the required land and office premises, and to
assign a liaison officer for all cooperation projects
related agriculture.
(3) To exempt machinery and equipment supplied by the Republic
of China (Taiwan) from all port taxes, customs duties and
other taxes.
(4) To agree to provide the following treatment to the
dispatched personnel and their dependents from the Republic
of China (Taiwan):
a. To issue visas to facilitate their entry into, stay in and
departure from Saint Christopher and Nevis, and to ensure
their safety and security.
b. To exempt their salaries and incomes from all local taxes.
c. To exempt their personal and household effects from all
import and customs duties, and to exempt their local
shopping from value added taxes (VAT).
d. To provide furnished housing and paid electricity and water
during the period of their service in Saint Christopher and
e. To grant them the same privileges and immunities that the
Government of Saint Christopher and Nevis has granted to
the personnel of the United Nations and its specialized

The Parties, without written permission from the other Party,
shall not disclose information on each project.

The Parties shall enact a separate agreement to regulate the use
and dissemination of information and the relevant intellectual
property protection for each project executed under this

(1) This Agreement shall enter into force after the completion
of domestic legal procedures and an exchange of notes, and
shall be valid for a period of five years, and shall be
extended automatically and successively for an equivalent
(2) Each party shall express its desire to terminate this
Agreement by a formal written notice six months prior to

This Agreement may be amended by an exchange of notes between
the Parties.

This Agreement is documented in duplicate in the Chinese and
English languages, each text being equally authentic.

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the Representatives of the Parties, being
duly authorized thereto respectively, have signed this

Done in Basseterre on the eleventh day of the twelfth month of
the one hundred and second year of the Republic of China
(Taiwan), corresponding to the eleventh day of December of the
year two thousand and thirteen in the Gregorian calendar.

Ambassador of the Minister of Agriculture,
Republic of China Marine Resources and
(Taiwan) Cooperatives
Saint Christopher and

H.E. Miguel Li-Jey Tsao Hon. Nigel Alexis Carty