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1.Signed on June 29, 2006; Entered into force on June 29, 2006;
The Taipei Economic and Trade Office (TETO), Jakarta, and the
Indonesian Economic and Trade Office (IETO), Taipei, hereinafter
referred to as "Parties";

Considering the existing common desire for friendly cooperation
and enhanced relations between the Parties;

Realizing that agricultural cooperation would lead to common
benefit on agricultural, agribusiness and economic development
of the Parties;

Aiming to promote cooperation of the Parties in various fields
of agriculture and agribusiness on the basis of equality and
mutual benefit;

Pursuant to the Prevailing laws and regulations in the Parties;

Have agreed as follows:

Article 1
The Purposes of this Agreement are:
a.To promote cooperation in the development of agriculture,
agro-industries and agribusiness;
b.To promote mutual consultation, exchange of technical
assistance and cooperative program on specific areas of
agriculture, agribusiness, and agro-industries;

Article 2
Areas Cooperation
The Parties shall develop and purpose cooperation in the
following areas, Inter alia:
a.Food Crops and Horticulture Cooperation;
b.Livestock Cooperation;
c.Estate Crops Cooperation;
d.Human Resources Development;
e.Others related to agriculture development.
The forms of cooperation, the location of execution and the
action plan are to be discussed between the Parties

Article 3
1.The Taipei Economic and Trade Office agrees to provide
technical assistance to The Indonesian Economic and Trade
Office by dispatching a Technical Mission (hereinafter
referred to as "the Mission"), composed of long-term and
short-term experts, including a Chief of the Mission.
2.The Indonesian Economic and Trade Office (IETO) shall
collaborate with the Mission in the planning, implementation,
monitoring and evaluation of the cooperation agreed in article
2 and 3.1 to ensure that the project is consistent with the
Indonesia agricultural development.

Article 4
Designated Authorities
For the purpose of implementation of this Agreement, designated
authorities shall be:
a.on behalf of the Taipei Economic and Trade Office (TETO),
Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM);
b.on behalf of the Indonesian Economic and Trade Office (IETO),
related agencies in related Provinces.

Article 5
Financial Obligation
The Taipei Economic and Trade Office, in coordination with the
proper authorities in its country, agree: pay the cost of transportation to and from Indonesia, the
stipends, and accident and medical insurance of all members of
Mission during the period of their service in Indonesia; pay all expenses arising from administration of the
Mission, including the operational costs of the demonstration
farm unless otherwise stated elsewhere in this Agreement; supply the Mission with vehicles for the implementation of
this Agreement; and supply the Mission with feed and equipment, farming
machinery, tools, seeds, fertilizers and pesticides.
The Indonesian Economic and Trade Office, in coordination with
its proper authorities, agree: provide the Mission and its member with suitable furnished
office facilities and suitable housing facilities including
water and electricity supply, and to be responsible for the
routine maintenance and repair of such facilities.

Article 6
Intellectual Property Right
Any result of activities in the fields of cooperation which are
performed under this Agreement, shall be subject to the laws and
regulations concerning the protection of intellectual property
rights in the respective authorities of the parties.

Article 7
Revolving Fund
All produce of the demonstration farms and joint research by the
Mission except the portion thereof required of personal
consumption by the Mission and for the use of seeds and
specimens, shall be sold and deposited into revolving funds
account. The funds shall primarily be used to related needs in
cooperation projects.

Article 8
The Indonesian Economic and Trade Office, in coordination with
related agencies in related provinces, shall provide the Mission
with appropriate counterparts and local technical and/or
administrative personnel.

Article 9
Consultation Meeting and Review
Consultation meetings will be held among Designated Authorities
and the members appointed by TETO and IETO at least once a year
for the purpose of:
a.reviewing and reporting on progress of the cooperation
b.planning, coordinating and establishing priorities for future
c.making recommendations to TETO and IETO on the cooperation
activities, utilization of revolving fund, and expansion of
the location for projects.
d.Other areas agreed by the designated authorities.

Article 10
Settlement of Disputes
Any differences or disputes that may arise between the Parties
relating to the implementation of this Agreement shall be
settled amicably through consultation and negotiation between
the Parties.

Article 11
Entry Into Force, Amendment, and Termination
1.This Agreement shall come into force upon signature by both
Parties and shall remain in force for five years. It may be
extended by written agreement for the same period;
2.Any amendment to this Agreement can only be made after mutual
consent achieved by consultation and confirmation in writing
to the other Party;
3.This Agreement may be terminated at any time by either Party
giving six month's prior notification in writing to the other
4.The termination of Agreement shall not affect the validity and
duration of any on-going projects and activities under the
areas of cooperation, until such time as the implementation of
the agreed project has been carried out to its completion.

Done in Jakarta on the 29th day of June in the year of two
thousand and six, in two original copies in the English
language, both texts being equally authentic.


Representative of the Taipei Representative of the Indonesian
Economic and Trade Office to and Trade Office to Taipei