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1.Signed on June 3,1991; Entered into force on June 3,1991.
This agreement is made and entered into this third day of June,
1991, between the Food and Agriculture Department of Council of
Agriculture of the Republic of China, hereinafter referred to as
"FAD/COA", and the Department of Agriculture, State of Montana,
USA, hereinafter referred to as "Montana".
WHEREAS: The United States Department of Agriculture ranks the
Republic of China on Taiwan as a very important market
for agricultural products of the Untied States; and
WHEREAS: The Republic of China on Taiwan's agricultural imports
from the United States have experienced a steady incre-
ase; and
WHEREAS: The financial credibility of the Republic of China on
Taiwan ranks high, indicating a prosperous and solid f-
inancial condition within the country; and
WHEREAS: Montana has an agriculture-based economy, ranking among

the top crop and livestock producing states; and
WHEREAS: The annual value of Montana's expel exported agricultu
ral commodities exceeds $300 million; and
WHEREAS: Motana is a leading state in agriculture-related techn-
ology, animal management, animal science and biotechno-
logy; and
WHEREAS: Motana's abundant natural resources and production cap-
abilities provide tremendous opportunities for agricul-
tural investment.
This agreement is entered into for the purpose of enhancing the
mutual benefits of the agricultural sectors of the two parties
to this agreement, through the following activities:
- Encourage exchange programs related to agricultural developme-
nts in The Republic of China on Taiwan and Montana.
- Promote overall trade relationship between the United States
and the Republic of China on Taiwan with emphasis on Montana
trade and investment opportunities.
- Encourage exchange programs in agriculture-related technologi-
es to enhance the horizon of agricultural research and applic-
ation of technology in agricultural
- Promote and provide assistance in arranging agricultural tours
for the public/private sectors for field experiences.
- Provide information and guidelines regarding agricultural emi-
gration from the Republic of China on Taiwan to Montana.
All activities initiated from this agreement in agricultural de-
velopment in the Republic of China on Taiwan and Montana shall
be coordinated through the FAD/COA, the Montana Department of A-
griculture, Montana Taipei Trade Office and Coordination Counci-
l for North American Affairs Office in Seattle.
It is the intent of the Montana Department of Agriculture and t-
he Food and Agriculture Department of the Council of Agriculture
that this agreement shall remain in effect between the parties
unless either party gives prior notice of its intent to alter or
terminate the agreement.
Te-yeh Ku, Director
Food and Agriculture Department
Council of Agriculture
Republic of China
Everett M. Snortland, Director
Department of Agriculture
State of Montana
United States of America