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1.Signed on September 29, 1982; Entered into force on November 7, 1982.
The Chinese Chamber of Commerce to Jakarta and the Indonesian C-
hamber of Commerce to Taipei, under the authorization of their
respective governments, have agreed to renew for another period
of two years the Agricultural Technical Cooperation Agreement,
which was signed in Taipei on November 7, 1980 and due to expire
on November 6, 1982. The new Agreement takes effect on November
7, 1982 with the following two amendments:
(A) Setting up a new demonstration area in Pasuruan, East Java,
Indonesia, to replace the two demonstration areas as listed
in Article I (2) (B) whose mission will be completed before
November 6, 1982. and the demonstration plan is subject to
the approval of the Joint Committee whose composition is s-
tated in ANNEX III of the above mentioned agreement.
(B) The Agricultural Technical Mission shall be composed as fol-
(a) Six specialists with English as their working language, n-
One Mission leader,
one agronomist,
one plant protection specialist,
one irrigation specialist,
one horticulturist and
one soil and water conservation specialist.
(b) A group of short term experts, to be specified by the Joi-
nt Committee, requisite to the implementation of the pr-
Done in Taipei, in duplicate in the English language, on the tw-
enty-nineth day of September of the year of One Thousand Nine H-
undred and Eighty Two.

For the Chinese Chamber
of Commerce to Jakarta
Wan-chun Hsu

For the Indonesian Chamber
of Commerce to Taipei
* Country with which the Republic of China has no diplomatic re-
* 與我國無外交關係之國家。