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1.Signed on October 5,1992; Entered into force on October 5,1992.
Pursuant to the Guidelines for a Cooperative Program in the Agr-
icultural Sciences between themselves in January 1986, the Coor-
dination Council for North American Affairs (hereinafter referr-
ed to as CCNAA) and the American Institute in Taiwan (hereinaft-
er referred to as AIT), being desirous of advancing cooperation
in soil and water conservation, have agreed through their respe-
ctive representatives upon the following articles:
1. Soil and water conservation personnel from the territory rep-
resented by CCNAA will be provided opportunities as visiting
scientists to upgrade their skills in the territory represen-
ted by AIT under the auspices of the U.S. Department of Agri-
culture's (USDA) Soil Conservation Service (SCS) and Forest
Service (FS) for periods of several months to a year, to be
mutually agreed on a case-by-case basis. Subjects of particu-
lar interest are land use control and management, geographic-
al information system, soil conservation assessment, watersh-
ed protection and management, water quality monitoring, soil
surveys, plant material development, and resources conservat-
ion education and publicity.
The Council of Agriculture (COA), CCNAA's designated represe-
ntative, will select candidates for such training from throu-
ghout the soil and water conservation community in the terri-
tory represented by CCNAA, and AIT's designated representati-
e, the USDA/SCS, will identify sites for such training in te-
rritory represented by AIT both at USDA/SCS and USDA/FS faci-
lities. In selecting sites, USDA/SCS would give priority to
sites in Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa and the C-
ommonwealth of Northern Marianas.
2. The soil conservation technology developed in the territory
represented by CCNAA may be applicable to the U.S. soil cons-
ervation programs. A target would be to conduct one cooperat-
ive workshop every three years. Both the COA and the USDA/SCS
will intensify efforts to expand the exchange of conservation
3. Cooperation on both professional enhancement and technology
transfer can best be facilitated through the existing Guidel-
ines for a Cooperative Program in the Agricultural Sciences
signed in January 1986 by and between CCNAA and AIT and mana-
ged by COA and USDA/Office of International Cooperation and
Development (OICD) as their designated representatives, resp-
4. Funding for cooperative activities under the Guidelines shall
be carried out on the basis of mutuality, reciprocity, and n-
exibility. In general, each side shall fund the cost of its
participation in cooperative activities and may, if it choos-
es, provide full or partial support for participation in the-
se activities by scientists and specialists of the other side
. Decisions on funding for joint activities shall be made by
mutual agreement.
This Memorandum shall come into force on and from the date of
its signature.
Done at Washington, D.C. on this 5th day of October , 1992.
For Coordination Council
For North American Affairs
Director, Economic Div.,
For American Institute in Taiwan
Clarke N. Ellis
Deputy Managing Director