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1.Signed on August 27, 2012 Entered into force on Augus 27, 2012
This Agreement is made by and between the Republic of China
(ROC) and the Republic of The Gambia (hereinafter “ the Parties
” );

WHEREAS, the ROC recognizes the importance of helping The Gambia
to achieve the Millennium Development Goals;

WHEREAS, The Gambia recognizes that maternal health is an
important public health issue within the country;

WHEREAS, both Parties agree to jointly implement the Maternal
Health Program (hereinafter the “ Program ” )in The Gambia,
the Program Proposal for which is attached hereunder as Annex 1;

WHEREAS, the Parties agree to appoint program coordinators
during its implementation;

NOW THEREFORE, the Parties hereto agree as follows:

Article I – Terms and conditions of the program
The Parties agree to observe all terms and
conditions stipulated in the Terms and Conditions
of the Program attached hereunder as Appendix 1.

Article II – Definitions and scope
For the purposes of this Agreement, as well as of
any appendices and annexes attached hereunder, and
unless otherwise stipulated, then:
1. The terms “ pregnant woman, ”“ antenatal ”
and “ postnatal ” cover the period from
conception to within 42 days after giving
2. The term “ newborn ” refers to infants from
birth to 28 days old.
Article III – Special clauses
1. The Parties agree to enter into talks to
resolve any disputes arising from this
Agreement or Program implementation.
2. The terms and conditions stipulated in this
Agreement, as well as any appendices and
annexes attached hereunder, may only be
amended by the mutual consent of the Parties.
Article IV – Duration
This Agreement shall enter into force on the date
of signature and remain in force until December
31, 2015, when it shall automatically terminate
unless extended by the mutual consent of the

IN WITNESS WHEREOF the undersigned, being duly authorized
thereto, have signed this Agreement.

Done in duplicate at Banjul City The Gambia, on this 27th day of
August 2012, in the Chinese and English languages, both texts
being equally authentic.

For the Republic of China For the Republic of The Gambia

Name:H E.Mr. Samuel Chen Name:Hon Minister Fatim Badjie
Job Title:Ambassador Job Title:Minster
Institution:Embassy of the Institution:Minister of Health
Reublic of China and Social welfare
Name:Mr.Bu-Ching Lee Name:AR.MAKIE TAAL
Institution:Embassy of the Institution:Minstry of health and
republie of China Social Welfare