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1.Signed on March 17, 2010 and February 9, 2010; Entered into Force on March 17, 2010.
The activities described in this Implementing Arrangement
Number 1 will be carried out under the general terms and
conditions of the Memorandum of Understanding (hereinafter
referred to as “ the Memorandum ” )between the Centers for
Disease Control, Taiwan and the Austrian Agency for Health and
Food Safety on Cooperation for Information Exchange Concerning
Infectious Disease Control signed in 2007. This Implementing
Arrangement is hereby attached to the Memorandum and becomes
part of the Memorandum.

The Centers for Disease Control, Taiwan (hereinafter referred
to as “ Taiwan CDC ” )and the Austrian Agency for Health and
Food Safety (hereinafter referred to as “ AGES ” )agree to
cooperate on equal and reciprocal terms. This Implementing
Arrangement will be implemented directly between Taiwan CDC
and AGES, (hereinafter referred to as “ the Parties ” ).

(a) To ensure that there is adequate exchange of information
concerning infectious disease control to the benefit of the
(b) To promote the strength of each Party in training and
research and development.

(a) Taiwan CDC will select appropriate staff and the staff will
be seconded to AGES from March 1st 2010 till February 28th
(b) AGES will provide 1-year job and suitable projects for the
seconded staff from Taiwan CDC.

(a) AGES is responsible for the expenses for this secondment.
Therefore, an amount of 36,000 Euro will be paid to Taiwan
CDC for the one-year period 2010/2011, AGES is responsible
for providing 1 economy flight tickets between Taiwan and
Vienna and back for the staff from Taiwan CDC.
(b) Taiwan CDC is responsible for transferring the expenses for
this secondment receiving from AGES to the seconded staff.
(c) The seconded staff from Taiwan CDC should pay all living
expenses him/herself, including health insurance.

The Implementing Arrangement shall enter into force upon later
signature and remain effective till March of year 2011.

This document comprises any and all Implementing Arrangements
entered into by and between the Parties. There are no
ancillary Implementing Arrangements. Between the Parties only
written Implementing Arrangements are legally binding.
Consequently, amendments and supplements to this Implementing
Arrangement shall only be effective and legally binding if
they have been agreed upon in writing.

If any provision of this Implementing Arrangement should be
invalid, it shall be replaced to by a legal provision that
most closely reflects the economic intent of the invalid

This Implementing Arrangement shall be governed by the
applicable Laws of Austria, which shall also apply to warranty
claims and indemnification. All disputes between the Parties
concerning this Implementing Arrangement, including the
breach, termination or validity thereof, which cannot be
settled by amicable arrangement, shall be subject to the
jurisdiction of the Court of Vienna, Austria.

This Implementing Arrangement is executed by the Parties, of
which each of the Parties to the Implementing Arrangement shall
receive one.

Dr. Steve Hsu-Sung Kuo Dr. Bernhard Url
Director CEO
Taiwan Centers for Austrian Agency for
Disease Control In Health and Food Safety
Taiwan In Austria
Date: February 9, 2010 Date: March 17, 2010

Ms. Ying-Hwei Chen Dr. Franz Allerberger
Director, First Division Head of Area Human
Taiwan Centers for Medicine
Disease Control In Austrian Agency for
Taiwan Health and Food Safety
In Austria
Date: Febru ary 9, 2010 Date: March 17, 2010