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1.Signed on December 25, 2003; Entered into force on January 1, 2004.

to the Memorandum of Understanding dated December 13th , 2000.
Based on the Memorandum of Understanding signed on December 13th
, 2000 between the Department of Health (hereafter referred to
as "DOH"), Taiwan, R.O.C and the Committee for Population and
Family Planning, now known as the Vietnam Commission for Popula-
tion, Family and Children (hereafter referred to as "VCPFC", C.R
. Vietnam on the bilateral cooperation in the field of populati-
on, family and children, both parties have agreed on the follow-
ing specific programe for the 2004.

1.DOH, Taiwan will accept 04 groups of personnel selected by VC-
PFC for study tour and training for 12 days each, including
travelling and working:
1.1.One group of 10 persons for a twelve-day observation-study
in policy making and management, education programme on fam-
ily life, on reproductive health and child care (in the 2nd
quarter 2004).
1.2.One group of 10 persons for a twelve-day observation-study,
tour and experiences on implementation of different program-
mes based on community to care family health, disabled chil-
dren and aging people (in the 3rd quarter 2004)
1.3.One group of 10 persons for a twelve-day observation-study
and training on behavior change communication, advocacy on
population, family and children in community(in the 2nd or
3rd quarter 2004)
1.4.One group of 10 persons for a twelve-day observation-study,
training and experiences exchange organization of public se-
rvices in population, family and children field (in the 4th
quarter 2004).
2.The Vietnam Commission for Population, Family and Children wi-
ll arrange to get 02 technical missions from DOH for Taiwan to
support in Vietnam as follows:
2.1 One group of 04 persons to visit Vietnam for 7 days to supp-
ort on VCPFC in organizing a seminar on policy orientation
for population quality and exchange some issues concerning
to cooperation in setting a set of document on communication
education on reproductive health for Vietnamese brides livi-
ng in Taiwanese (in the 4th quarter 2004).
2.2 One group of 6 persons for 7 days to review the cooperation
programme, including local field trips to find needs in tec-
hnical support and develop cooperation programme for both
parties for next year (in the 4th quarter, 2004).
3.Both parties agreed to provide trip and evaluation report aft-
er observation and training tour at the end of 2004 in order
to improve the quality of cooperation.
4.Both parties also agreed to exchange printed documents and ot-
her materials (including VIDEO, CD-ROOM...) relating to popul-
ation and development, reproductive health, maternal and child
care, together in setting a set of education documents, comm-
unication for Vietnamese brides to Taiwanese.
5.Both parties also agreed in for promotion of cooperation betw-
een VCPFC and DOH through mobilization additional resources
for technical projects on reproductive health and child care
will be developed for benefits of two parties.
Other terms and conditions which are not specified in this Annex
shall be referred to the Memorandum of Understanding dated Dece-
mber 13th , 2000.

Any supplementation and modification shall be agreed upon by bo-
th parties in writing and form and integral part of this Annex.

This Annex is integral part of the Memorandum of Understanding
dated December 13th 2000.
Done in Hanoi on December, 2003 in English language, in four co-
pies, each party retain one copy.

For the Department of Health For the Vietnam Commission for
Taiwan,R.O.C Population, Family and Children
S.R of Vietnam

Shio Jean Lin Le Dinh Phuong