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1.Signed on December 13, 2000; Entered into force on December 13, 2000.
WHEREAS the Department of Health, Taiwan, R.O.C. (hereafter ref-
erred to as “DOH”) and the National Committee for Population
and Family planning, Vietnam (hereafter referred to as the “NC-
PFP”) are desirous to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding
for cooperation in the field of population and family planning/
reproductive health on the basis of equality and mutual benefit.
NOW THEREFORE, the parties have agreed as follows:

1.Scope of Cooperation
The scope of cooperation shall include, but not be limited to,
the joint efforts in the following areas of:
‧Training of personnels
‧Management of population and family planning/reproductive h-
ealth programme
‧Information exchange
‧Mutual visits including missions from the NCPFP to Taiwan f-
or study and training and a mission from DOH to Vietnam for
technical backstoping and review of the cooperative program-
2.Annual Specific Plans
Based on the above-mentioned areas of activities, both parties
shall have specific plans for annual cooperation which will f-
orm an integral part of this Memorandum of Understanding.

1.For Vietnamese observation study and training groups in Taiwan
, the NCPFP will bear the international return airfares (Viet-
nam-Taiwan-Vietnam) while DOH will cover the costs of hotel a-
ccommodation, per diem and local travel during their courses
in Taiwan.
2.For Taiwanese experts working in Vietnam, the NCPFP will prov-
ide hotel accommodation including daily meals and local travel
in Vietnam while the international return airfares (Taiwan-Vi-
etnam-Taiwan) and their salary will be covered by DOH.

Each party shall designate a programme coordinator to be respon-
sible for the overall coordination of activities for the cooper-
ation programmes between the two parties.

This Memorandum of Understanding shall enter into force on the
date of signing. It shall remain in force until either party gi-
ves a written notice six months in advance to the other party to
terminate the Memorandum of Understanding. The termination here-
of shall not affect the validity of activities agreed upon here-
under and initiated prior to such termination.
Any supplementation and modification of this Memorandum of Unde-
rstanding shall be agreed upon by both parties in writing and f-
orm an integral part of this Memorandum.
IN WITNESS HEREOF the undersigned, duly authorised by their res-
pective competent authorities, have signed this Memorandum of U-
This Memorandum of Understanding was done in Hanoi on December 1
3th, 2000 in four copies in English language, of which two for
each party.

For the Department of Health For the National Committee for
Taiwan, R.O.C. Population and Family Planning
Name: Chen Tzay-Jinn Name: Le Dinh Phuong
Title:Director General, Bureau of Title: Director
Health Promotion and Protection Int'l Relations Department
Date: December 13th, 2000 Date: December 13th, 2000