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1.Signed on September 6, 1997; Entered into force on October 24, 1997.
During their one-week visit to Vietnam (03-09 September, 1997),
a Mission from the Department of Health Taiwan (DOH) headed by
Dr. Jeff Tsai, Director of Int'l Cooperation Office had discuss-
ions and agreements with the National Committee for Population &
Family Planning of Vietnam (NCPFP) on the followings:
1.Both Parties were pleased to note that the cooperation between
NCPFP and DOH in the past two years (1996-1997) in the field
of population and family planning have had very good and posi-
tive results and expressed their wishes to continue this mutu-
al cooperation in the year 1998.
2.The two major cooperation activities which have been executed
in the past two years are the successful completion of six ov-
erseas study tour (OST) groups and two groups of trainees on
program management and research from Vietnam in Taiwan. For t-
he cooperation in the year 1998, it was agreed that efforts s-
hould be focused on more intensive activities.
3.DOH will accept the following personnel selected by NCPFP for
training in Taiwan in 1998:
3.1 One group of 6 persons for three weeks training on process
of P/FP planning, policy setting and program management.
3.2 One group of 7 persons for three weeks training and observa-
tion on IEC activities.
3.3 One group of 3 persons for two weeks making observation and
study on population registration and data collection in such
surveys as DHS, KAP etc.
3.4 One group of 6 persons who are leaders of chosen provinces/
cities for two weeks observation on program management.
4.Both parties also agreed to work out a possible way for setti
ng of a pilot project in gene research and newborn screening
which is located and executed in a relatively small-size area
of Vietnam.
5.Both parties further agreed that DOH will send their experts
to Vietnam to assist NCPFP in identifying training needs as r-
egards to planning process, IEC program development and evalu-
ation of contraceptive delivery through coupon system etc. wi-
th a total period of two manmonths in Vietnam.
6.In terms of funding, both parties agreed as follows:
6.1 For Vietnamese training groups in Taiwan, NCPFP will pay the
airfares from Hanoi to Taipei and return, while DOH will co-
ver the costs of hotel accommodation, perdiem and local tra-
vel during their courses in Taiwan.
6.2 For the Taiwanese experts working in Vietnam, NCPFP will pr-
ovide them with hotel accommodation and local travel in Vie-
tnam while the return airfares (Hanoi-Taipei-Hanoi) and the-
ir salary will be covered by DOH.
7.Both parties also agreed to exchange information and printed
documents such as Population Policy of Taiwan and other mater-
ials relating to population and family planning issues.
8.Regarding the possibility of collaborating with the East-West
Center, both parties understood that such tripartite cooperat-
ion of NCPFP-DOH-EWC will give support and expansion to the d-
evelopment of the existing bilateral cooperation between NCPFP
and DOH. However, both parties also took note of the fact that
the funding for such cooperation activities should be further
considered by all parties concerned.

Should any discussions be necessary for the success of the impl-
ementation of this Memorandum, both parties will exchange by fa-
xes or letters.

This Memorandum was done in Hanoi on 6th September, 1997 in two
copies in English.

It is understood by both parties that this Memorandum will beco-
me effective only after it is approved by the respective govern-
ment of either party.

For the Department of Health For the National Committee for
ROC Population and Family Planning

[Signed] [Signed]
Dr. Jeff Tsai Mr. Le Tien Thien
Director Director
Int掞 Cooperation Office Int'l Relations Department