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1.Signed on May 26, 2015 Entered into force on May 26, 2015
The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office, Hanoi, Vietnam and the
Vietnam Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei, hereinafter
referred to as “ the Parties ” to this Memorandum of
Understanding (MOU);

Considering that friendly and cooperative relations between the
Parties should be further developed;

Recognizing the importance of the transport sector to the
economic and social development of the Parties.

In order to strengthen mutual cooperation between the Parties in
the field of transport;

Have agreed as follows:

Article 1
Contents of Cooperation
The Parties shall promote cooperation, in accordance with their
respective laws and regulations on the basis of equality and
mutual benefit, in the following sub-sectors and areas in the
field of transport sector:
1. Road transport and infrastructure;
2. Maritime transport and infrastructure;
3. Civil aviation;
4. Education and training in the field of transport;
5. Transport research and development;
6. Inter-modal transport and logistics;
7. Transport safety;
8. Transport planning;
9. Formulation of transport policies and regulations;
10. Other areas as the Parties may mutually consider appropriate

Article 2
Forms of Cooperation
The Parties shall make all efforts to execute the cooperation
through the following forms:
1. Holding the meeting once a year in each Party in alternate
manner in order to promote research and technical cooperation
in the sub-sectors and areas as mentioned in Article 1. The
meeting shall be managed by the hosting Party. Unless
otherwise mutually decided, each Party will bear its own
expenses incurred for the meeting;
2. Encouraging information exchange about relevant policies,
legislation and regulations, encouraging contacts between the
corresponding business and organizations and promoting
business organs of the Parties in setting up long term of
cooperation, joint ventures and collaboration in the fields
of transport;
3. Exchanging of managerial and technical personnel for study
tours and training;
4. Holding joint working group meeting on regular basis to
discuss about possible annual cooperation programs and ways
to implement thereof;
5. Any other forms as mutually determined by the Parties.

Article 3
Focal Point for Implementation
Within 3 weeks after signing the MOU, the Parties shall inform
each other, by written document, its transport authority to
implement this MOU.

Article 4
Settlement of Disputes
Any disputes relating to the interpretation or application of
this MOU shall be settled amicably through negotiations and
consultations between the Parties.

Article 5
This MOU may be amended at any time by mutual written consent
between the Parties.

Article 6
Entry into Force, Duration and Termination
This MOU takes effect on the date of signature and remain
effective unless terminated by either Party, giving 6 (six)
months in advance to the other Party a written notice of its
intention to terminate this MOU.

SIGNED in Hanoi on 26th May 2015 in duplicate in the English,
Chinese and Vietnamese languages, all texts being equally
authentic. In case of divergence of the interpretation, the
English text shall prevail.

___________________________ _______________________________
Representative Representative
Huang Chih – Peng Tran Duy Hai