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1.Signed on August 26, 2014 Entered into force on August 26, 2014
The National Communications Commission of Taiwan and
Communications Regulatory Commission of Mongolia, hereinafter
referred to collectively as “ the Participants ” and
separately as “ the Participant ”,

GUIDED by the desire to establish cooperation and exchange in
the field of communications regulation between Taiwan and

RECOGNIZING the importance of the development of communications
for promoting trade and technical exchanges, as well as the
economic, social, and cultural development of both economies,

RECOGNIZING the importance of cooperation between the
Participants based on principles of equality, reciprocity and
mutual benefit,

Have reached the following understanding:

1. In accordance with the legislation and regulations of each
Participant, and acting within their respective framework of
powers and responsibilities, the participants will cooperate
to promote the development of communications in Taipei and
2. The Participants have identified the following areas of
common interest for exchange and cooperation:
a. Key issues and principles of licensing policy, process of
issuing license, evaluation of license application, and
enforcement of granted licenses regulatory policy and
b. Radio frequency monitoring and inspection, introducing the
transparent spectrum allocation method;
c. Number Management, interconnection, wireless communications
and licensing;
d. Robust dispute resolution procedure to deal with
inter-operator issues;
e. Issues relevant to monitoring and measuring broadband /wired
and wireless/ quality of services;
f. Practices to implement the monitoring the radio and TV
broadcasting using outsourcing mechanisms such as
undertaking a joint research project, etc.
g. Other areas in communications as mutually decided upon by
the Participants.
3. Cooperation in the field of communications between the
Participants may take the following forms:
a. The exchange of information and materials on communications
subjects of common interest, and the establishment of
channels for exchanges of information as appropriate;
b. The provision of opportunities for each Participant to
become acquainted with the organizational structure,
statutes, regulations, policies, methods and procedures of
the other Participant;
c. The facilitation of exchange of communications-related
technical personnel, specialists, and delegations;
d. The facilitation of joint research projects;
e. The joint organization of technical seminars, symposia and
f. The facilitation of arrangements for training and other
assistance in communications;
g. Other forms of cooperation adopted by both Participants.
4. Each Participant will designate a contact point to be
responsible for the promotion of the cooperation and
activities between the Participants. In this instance, the
cooperating agency for the National Communications Commission
will be the Department of Planning, National Communications
Commission in Taipei, and the cooperating agency for
Communications Regulatory Commission of Mongolia will be the
Legal, Information and Administration Department.
5. The Participants will establish a cooperative committee to
review the progress of cooperative activities under this
Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and to discuss other issues
relating to this MOU. The committee will be composed of
representatives designated by the Participants and will meet
in turn in Taipei and in Ulaanbaatar at a mutually acceptable
6. The Participants will encourage contact between the
government agencies, research institutes, corporations and
other relevant organizations, and the conclusion of
implementing agreements or arrangements between them which
will provide the details of the cooperative activities under
this MOU.
7. The cooperative activities carried out under this MOU will be
subject to the availability of funds and human resources of
the Participants, and will be mutually accepted. Each
Participant will bear the travel, accommodation and other
related costs of its own personnel. With respect to other
activities, including the undertaking of demonstrations,
training, field trials or joint development projects, the
sharing of costs involved will be mutually decided on a
case-by-case basis.
8. This MOU may be supplemented with “ Implementing
Arrangements ” on specific activities and matters of
9. Neither Participant will disclose nor distribute any
information that is supplied or marked “ confidential ” by
the originating Participant except as and to the extent
authorized by the originating Participant.
10. This MOU will come into effect on the date of its signature
and will remain in effect for a period of five (5) years
unless amended, renewed or terminated in accordance with
this paragraph. This MOU may be amended or renewed at any
time upon the mutual consent of the Participants in writing.
Either Participant may terminate this MOU at any time by
providing the other Participant with three (3) months'
written notice.
11. The amendment or termination of this MOU will not affect the
terms of those activities which are in progress at the time
of the notification of amendment or termination of this MOU.

In witness whereof, the undersigned, being duly authorized, have
signed this MOU;

Done at Taipei on the 26th day of August, 2014, in duplicate in
the English language.

SUPERSEDING to the Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation
in the Fields of Communications Regulation between National
Communications Commission of Taiwan and Communications
Regulatory Commission of Mongolia signed at Taipei, 29 March

For the National For the
Communications Communications
Commission of Taiwan Regulatory
Commission of
__________________ __________________
Dr. Shyr, Howard S.H. Mr. BALGANSUREN Batsukh