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1.Signed on May 09, 2012 Entered into force on May 09, 2012
The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Vietnam (TECO) and
The Vietnam Economic and Cultural Office in Taipei (VECO),
hereinafter referred to as “ the Parties ”; Recognizing the
mutual interests and benefits in strengthening tourism
cooperation within a framework of friendship;

In pursuance of their desire to cooperate in defined areas;
Within their competence have agreed to cooperate as follows:

Article 1: Areas of Cooperation
1. The Parties agree to cooperate in tourism promotion, training
and information exchange and will promote technical exchanges
in the area of tourism planning.
2. The Parties agree to exchange experience in tourism projects
and tourism planning to their mutual benefits.
3. Each Party shall encourage investing in tourism development
projects of the other Party, and render help to investors
from the other Party.
4. The cooperation between the Parties will include visit
exchanges programmes of tourism specialists and journalists.
5. The Parties shall encourage measures directed to the
reduction or simplification of visa application and tourism
immigration procedures.
6. The Parties shall endeavor to organize seminars, exhibitions
and familiarization tours to facilitate the development and
growth of tourism.
7. The Parties shall strengthen co-operation in tourism human
resources development by exchanging information and experts
on tourism training providing scholarships and short-term
courses on hotel and eco-tourism management.

Article 2: Implementation
1. The cooperation and the exchange mentioned above shall be
preceded on a mutually beneficial basis.
2. Within 3 weeks after signing the Memorandum of Understanding,
the Parties shall inform each other, by written document, its
tourism authority to implement this Memorandum of

Article 3: Effectivity
1. This Memorandum of Understanding shall come into effect on
the date of signing and remain in force for a period of five
years. Thereafter this Memorandum of Understanding shall be
extended for another period of five years if neither Party
has given notice of termination of this Memorandum of
Understanding. If either Party would like to terminate this
Memorandum of Understanding for any reasons, it is requested
to inform the other Party at least six months in advance.
2. The Parties will consult each other whenever necessary with
the objective of reviewing and modifying this Memorandum of
Understanding if they so desire. Modifications shall enter
into force by mutual consent between the Parties by written

Done in Hanoi, on May 9 2012, in duplicate in the Chinese,
Vietnamese and English languages. In case of divergence of
interpretation, the English text shall prevail.

For the Taipei Economic and For the Vietnam
Cultural Office in Vietnam Economic and Cultural
Office in Taipei

Representative Representative