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1.Signed on September 6, 2011; Entered into Force on September 6, 2011.
The National Communications Commission, the Republic of China
(Taiwan) and The Czech Telecommunication Office, Czech Republic,
(hereinafter referred to as "the Participants"),

CONSIDER the development of telecommunication cooperation and
the exchange in communications regulations, best practices and
experience are of mutual benefit based on principles of equality
and reciprocity,

Have reached the following understanding:

Article 1
The Participants intend to cooperate in the field of
telecommunications and promote the development of communications
as described in this Memorandum of Understanding (hereinafter
referred to as the "MOU") respecting the legislation and
regulations of each Participant, and acting within their
respective framework of powers and responsibilities.

Article 2
The Participants have identified the following areas of common
interest for exchange and cooperation:
1. Communications regulatory policy and regulations;
2. Radio frequency monitoring and inspection, spectrum
assignment, digitization of broadcasting and digital
3. Number management, interconnection framework, wireless
communications and licensing;
4. Multilateral issues of common interest for exchange and
cooperation; and
5. Other areas in communications as mutually determined.

Article 3
Cooperation under this MOU may take especially the following
1. Joint or cooperative programs and projects of mutual benefit,
including visits and exchanges of officials, experts or
technical personnel;
2. Organization of and participation in workshops, symposia,
conferences, fora, exhibitions, and other joint meetings of
mutual interest;
3. Exchange of technical information concerning
4. Facilitation and operation of joint training programs to
raise telecommunications competency.

Article 4
In the framework of the cooperation under this MOU, the
Participants take into account the availability of funds and
personnel. Each Participant is ready to bear the travel,
accommodation and other related costs of its own personnel.

Article 5
Participants may designate a contact point for the promotion of
the cooperation and activities between them.

Article 6
The Participants are prepared to encourage contact between
government agencies, research institutes, cooperation and other
relevant organizations, and the conclusion of implementing
agreements or arrangements between them, which may provide the
details of their cooperative activities.

Article 7
The Participants intend to use information obtained under this
MOU only for the purposes specified in this MOU.
The information may be transmitted to a third party with a
written approval of the Participant which has provided such

Article 8
This MOU will be effective on the date of its signature.

Signed in Prague on 6 September 2011 in duplicate in the English

For the National For the Czech
Communications Telecommunication
Commission, Office,
Republic of China (Taiwan) Czech Republic
Chairperson Chairman
Dr. Herng Su Ph. D. Pavel Dvo.ak