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1.Signed on October 19, 2006; Entered into force on October 19, 2006
This Appendix to Annex 3 to Memorandum of Agreement NAT-I-845
(the Agreement), sets forth the terms and conditions under which
the American Institute in Taiwan (AIT), through its designated
representative the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), will
make personnel available on a temporary basis to the Taipei
Economic and Cultural Representative Office in the United States
(TECRO), formerly the Coordination Council for North American
Affairs (CCNAA), and its designated representative the Civil
Aeronautics Administration (CAA), for the purpose of providing
technical assistance related to the development of an Aviation
English Program.

A. AIT, through its designated representative the FAA, will
arrange for one (1) specialist with a background in and
knowledge of the ICAO Aviation English Proficiency
requirements to travel to Taipei, Taiwan on or about October
23, 2006 as detailed separately below.
B. The specialist will perform a temporary assignment of
approximately seventeen (17) working days in Taiwan to
provide 136 hours of training related to the development of
an Aviation English Program. The consultation will provide
the following services to a team of fifteen instructors and
administrators performed by the specialist:
1. To deliver FAA Course 15005, “Instructor Development:
Aviation English,” over twelve days for ninety-six hours
to prepare instructors and assessors to better meet ICAO
Standards by March 2008,
2. To deliver two add-on courses over five days for forty
hours to effectively transfer knowledge and skill use:
Course 15006, “Aviation English Practicum: Course
Materials,” and Course 15007, “Aviation English
Practicum: Testing.” These courses will enable students
to gain access to:
a. FAA ALP Tests 1 and 2,
b. Manuals for FAA Courses 15003 and 15004, and
c. FAA Course 15006 provides for the transfer of two
125-hour Aviation English courses including participant
manuals and audio recordings. The transfer of these
courses is subject to the following provisions:
i. Taiwan CAA and Taiwan airlines can use and market the
courses as the Taiwan CAA courses and tests.
ii. Taiwan CAA can include an acknowledgement that the
courses were originally developed by the FAA.
iii. Taiwan CAA cannot market, deliver, or administer the
courses as FAA courses, or FAA-endorsed courses.
iv. Taiwan CAA can acknowledge that the instructors have
completed FAA Course 15005, Instructor Development:
Aviation English. Taiwan CAA cannot make this claim
for instructors who have not completed FAA Course
v. Under a separate AIT-TECRO Appendix, and subsequent to
this effort, AIT, through its designated representative
the FAA, will make available a 1-week consultation to
TECRO’s designated representative the CAA, as a
follow-on evaluation and feedback to supplement the
Taiwan CAA quality control efforts. TECRO and its
designated representative the CAA, will be responsible
for all expenses associated with the 1-week
consultation, and the timeframe will be negotiated
between both parties and their designated
vi. As minor or major revisions to course materials become
available, TECRO’s designated representative the CAA,
will be given the opportunity to purchase these
revisions at a reduced price for the upgrade, based on
the revision costs.
3. To make further recommendations as needed for program
a) To provide outbriefing and a summary report, and
b) To provide a complete report within four weeks.
C. The specialist will provide an evaluation report on the
findings and provide recommendations.
D. Should additional services be required, the date, duration,
and estimated cost of such services will be agreed to by the
parties in a written amendment to this Appendix or in a
separate appendix.

A. TECRO shall, at no cost to AIT, provide the following support
for the services provided by AIT under this Appendix:
1. Such training aids, including audio-visual equipment and
flip charts, as may be required by the specialist, and
2. The printing of training materials provided by AIT.
3. Airfare for international flight to and from Taipei.
4. Hotel accommodations.
5. Ground transportation to and from the hotel to the airport,
and hotel to the training site as necessary to conduct
courses in Taipei.
B. If for any reason TECRO is unable to provide fully the
support specified in this Appendix, AIT, through its
designated representative the FAA, shall arrange for the
support. AIT will charge the costs for such support to TECRO.

A. The estimated cost for the Aviation English consultation
service for the referenced period is fifty-nine thousand two
hundred seventy-one U.S. dollars (USD $59,271), which
includes salary and benefits, transportation, per diem,
support from AIT’s designated representatives, FAA, and an
administrative overhead charge.
B. TECRO will reimburse AIT for the actual costs incurred by
AIT's designated representative, the FAA, in providing the
services under this Appendix and an administrative overhead
C. In the event that AIT does not receive the payment of the
estimated cost of the services by October 11, 2006, AIT’s
designated representative, the FAA, shall have the option to
cancel the services detailed in Article II above and AIT
shall forward a statement of account for all costs incurred
by the FAA in preparing to provide the training for those
students. TECRO shall reimburse AIT for these costs.
D. AIT bills will contain a reference to the Appendix Number
NAT-I-845-3-10 and billing number NA7901TW8 (which are the
numbers assigned to identify this Appendix and which will be
referred to in all related correspondence), and will be
supported with a summary of charges. All AIT bills will be
forwarded to TECRO at:
Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office
4201 Wisconsin Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20016-2137
E. TECRO will pay all bills in accordance with Article III of
Annex 2, Amendment 1 and Article III of the Agreement.
Payments will be forwarded to AIT at the following address:
American Institute in Taiwan
Attn: Barbara Schrage
Managing Director
1700 N. Moore Street, Suite 1700
Arlington, VA 22209

This Appendix will enter into force on the date of the last
signature and will remain in force until the services described
herein are completed, unless this Appendix is terminated in
accordance with Article VI of the Agreement.

AIT and TECRO agree to the provisions of this Appendix as
indicated by the signature of their duly authorized


BY:______________________ BY:______________________
Barbara J. Schrage

TITLE: Managing Director TITLE:___________________

DATE:____________________ DATE:____________________