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1.Signed on April 7 and March 10, 2005; Entered into force on April 1, 2005.
Article 1 Objective
To improve the quality and speed of delivering EMS
items in both services, CHUNGHWA POST CO., LTD. and
Japan Post agree to base the actual payment of EMS
imbalance charges on the EMS Pay-for-Performance
report issued by the EMS Cooperative.

Article 2 Agreements and Regulations
Payments made under this agreement shall be based on
the Articles in the EMS Pay-for-performance Plan
(Version of January 1, 2005) issued by the EMS

Article 3 Entry into Force
This Memorandum of Understanding shall come into
force on April 1, 2005.

Signed at Taipei Signed at Tokyo
on April 7, 2005 on March 10, 2005

in duplicate in the English language.

S. N. Wang MIYAZAKI Junichiro
Director Senior General Manager
Department of Mail Business Operations Division
Chunghwa Post International Business
Postal Business Headquarters
Japan Post