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1.Signed on August 19, 1996; Entered into force on May 11, 1996.
We, the Tourism Bureau in Taipei and the Singapore Tourist Prom-
otion Board do hereby agree to the extension of the MOU on Coop-
eration dated 11 May 1991, signed between the Singapore Tourist
Promotion Board and the Tourism Bureau in Taipei, for a further
period of five years which shall he deemed to commence with eff-
ect from 11 May 1996. The extension shall be on the same terms
and conditions as the MOU dated on May 1991.

[Signed] [Signed]
Dr. Chang Tzu-Chyand Dr. Tan Chin Nam
Director General Chief Executive
Tourism Bureau in Taipei Singapore Tourist Promotion Board
Date: 19 Aug. 1996 Date: 13 Aug. 1996