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1.Signed on September 19, 1995; Entered into force on September 19, 1995.
The Civil Aeronautics Administration of the Republic of China a-
nd the Civil Aviation Department of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi (h-
ereinafter referred to as " Parties"), desiring to establish di-
rect air services between and beyond their territories, have ag-
reed as follows:
1.Designation and Authorization
Each Party may designate in writing multiple airlines to oper-
ate the agreed commercial air routes specified in the Annex a-
nd to withdraw or alter such designation.
2.Revocation and Suspension of Authorization
Each Party shall have the right to revoke, suspend or limit by
the imposition of conditions, the operating authorization gra-
nted to a designated airline(s) of the other Party, if such d-
esignated airline, in operating its air services in terms of
this Agreement, fails to comply with any applicable law or re-
gulation of the first-mentioned Party, or fails to comply with
any term or condition prescribed in this Agreement and its An-
nex, provided that unless immediate action is essential to pr-
event further infringement of laws and regulations or terms a-
nd conditions above-mentioned, this right shall be exercised
only after consultation with the other Party.
3.Traffic Rigths
The designated airline(s) of both Parties shall have rights to
take on and discharge passenger, cargo and mail separately or
in combination at the points on the respective route they ope-
rate, and shall also have the rights of flying across and lan-
ding for non-traffic purposes in each other's territory.
4.Applicability of Laws and Regulations
The applicable laws and regulations of either Party governing
entry into or departure from its territory of aircraft engaged
in international scheduled air services, or the operation and
navigation of such aircraft within its territory, shall apply
to the designated airlines of the other Party.
5.Fares and Rates
The fares and rates to be charged for the carriage of passeng-
ers and cargo by the designated airline(s) on their respective
routes shall be subject to the approvals of the appropriate a-
eronautical authorities and shall normally be fares and rates
established by the International Air Transport Association (I-
6.Recognition of Certificates and Licenses
Each Party shall recognize as valid, for the purpose of opera-
ting the air services provided for in this Agreement, certifi-
cates of airworthiness, certificates of competency, and licen-
ses issued or validated by the other Party and still in force,
provided that the requirements for such certificates or licen-
ses at least equal to the minimum standards which may be esta-
blished pursuant to the Convention on International Civil Avi-
ation done at Chicago in 1944. Each Party may, however, refuse
to recognize as valid for the purpose of flight above its own
territory, certificates of competency and licenses granted to
or validated for its own nationals by the Party.
7.Establishment of Representative Offices
The designated airline(s) of either Party shall have the right
to establish representative offices in the territory of the o-
ther Party in accordance with the laws and regulation applica-
8.Transfer of Net Revenue
Each Party grants to the designated airline(s) of the other P-
arty the right to remit to its head office the excess over ex-
penditure of receipts earned in the territory of the first-me-
ntioned Party in connection with the carriage of passengers,
mail and cargo. The procedure for such remittance shall be in
accordance with the foreign exchange rules and regulations of
the Party in the territory of which the revenue accrues.
9.Applicability of Convention
The principles set forth in the convention on International C-
ivil Aviation done at Chicago in 1944 shall be applied in con-
nection with the services provided for in the Agreement.
10. Consultations
Either Party may, at any time, request consultation relating
to this Agreement. Such consultations shall begin at the ea-
rliest possible date, but not later than sixty (60) days fr-
om the date the other Party receives the request unless oth-
erwise agreed.
11. Validity
This Agreement, including the provisions of the Annex there-
to shall come into force on the date of signature.
12. Termination
This Agreement shall remain in force unless terminated by e-
ither Party giving to the other Party twelve (l2) months pr-
ior notice in writing.

Done at Taipei on the l9th day of September, 1995

[Signed] [Signed]

To the Agreement on Exchange of Traffic Rights between the Civil
Aeronautics Administration of the Republic of China and the Civ-
il Aviation Department of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi signed on the
l9th day of September, 1995:
The airlines designated to provide air services in accordance
with the aforesaid Agreement shall be entitled with full traf-
fic rights to operate the following air routes:
(A) Route for the airlines designated by the Civil Aeronautics
Administration of the Republic of China:
Taipei and/or Kaohsiung/any intermediate point/Abu Dhabi and
/or Al Ain/any beyond point and vice versa.
(B) Route for the airlines designated by the Civil Aviation Dep-
artment of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi:
Abu Dhabi and/or Al Ain/any intermediate point/Taipei and/or
Kaohsiung/any beyond point and vice versa.
(C) The designated airlines of either Party may, on any or all
flight(s), omit any point or points on the route specified
above, provided that the point of origin or destination is
in that Party.
2.Capacity and Frequency
There will be no limitation on the capacity ahd frequencies to
be operated by the designated airlines of either Party on the r-
oute specified above.