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1.Signed on Octorber 1, 1986; Entered into force on Octorber 1, 1986.
This Appendix identifies specific serrices to be provided by AIT
for the CCNAA, in accordance with Annex III to NAT--I--845.

ARTICLE I --Description of Services
The AIT will provide specialists, identified in Attachment 1 to
this Appendix, with backgrounds in performing microwave landing
system (MLS) site surveys, defining MLS eqilipment and flight c-
heck equipment, and developing MLS approach procedures, to trav-
el to Taiwan on a temporary duty (TDY) basis.
The specialists will prepare a report for CCNAA which will cont-
ain sufficient information to prepare an MLS procurement docume-
nt for Taitung / Fengnin and Hualien/ Hualien aerodromes. The T-
DY will be divided into four phases which are detailed in Attac-
hment 1 to this Appendix.

ARTICLE II --Manpower Requirements and Cost Estimates
A The estimated total cost for the AIT technical assistancs is
U.S. $52,700.00, which includes salary and benefits, transpor-
tation, per diem, AIT/ Washington support and 12 percent admi-
nistrative overhead charge.
B Should additional services be required, the date and length of
such service will be by mutual consent between AIT and CCNAA,
and related cost estimates will be documented in an amendment
to this appendix or in a separate appendix.

ARTICLE III Financial Provisions
A CCNAA agrees to reimburse AIT for actual costs incurred by AIT
in providing services under this agreement plus a 12 percent
administrative overhead charge. The estimated cost also inclu-
des 10 percent as contingency to cover unexpected costs.
B AIT will render financial statements to CCNAA. AIT bills will
1 Contain a referenceto the Appendix number assigned to this
project (NA-T--I--845--3--2) ;
2 Identify charges accrued at the time of billing and periods
covered ; and
3 Be forwarded for payment in accordance with Article III to
the basic agreement (NAT--I-845).
C Payment of bills is due within not more than 60 days from the
date of billing. Payment is to be rendered by check payable in
U.S. dollars and forwarded to AIT at the following address :
American Institute in Taiwan
1700 North Moore street
Suite 1705
Arlington, Virginia 22209.

ARTICLE IV--Effective Date, Duration and Termination
This agreement is effective upon signature by duly authorized r-
epresentatives of AIT and CCNAA and will terminate upon complet-
ion of services specified in this agreement and CCNAA payments
to AIT covering the financial arrangement stated herein.

ARTICLE V--Approval
If this agreement meets with CCNAA's approval, a duly authorized
representative of CCNkA is requested to sign the agreement as i-
ndicated below. When the agreement is signed by both duly autho-
rized representatives of CCNAA and AIT such agreement will cons-
titute a reimbursable agreement between CCNAA and AIT for the s-
ervices delineated in the agreement.
The American Institute in Taiwan
By: [Signed]
Title: Corporate Secretary
Date: Sept. 2, 1986
The Coordination Council for
North American Affairs
By: [Signed]
Title: Deputy Representative
Date: Oct. 1, 1986

Cost Estimates and Schedules
for MLS Siting Survey Project
Taitung / Fengnin Aerodrome
R/ W 04
and Hualien/Hualien Aerodrome
R/W 21
Phase One--Project Initiation (to be conducted in Taiwan)
1 Provide CCNAA with information requirements for the project.
2 Initial visit by an AIT specialist within 30 days after the p-
roject is approved.
3 One AIT specialist will visit Taiwan to obtain information for
initial and final planning objectives and to establish contact
with appropriate counterparts.
4 Phase One Costs -- Eight (8) man / days ; cost estimate is U.S
. $9,483.00.

Phase Two--Preliminary Feasibility Assessment (to be conducted
in the United States)
1 Two specialists (electrical engineering and flight procedures)
to assess initial feasibility of siting projects in context of
Taiwan's objectives and identification of objectives for siti-
ng project and finalization of project plans and schedule.
2 Phase Two Costs - Twelve (12) man / days ; cost estimate is U.
S. $7, 742.00.
Phase Three--Siting Analysis and Approach Procedures (to be con-
ducted in Taiwan)
1 To provide CCWAA with information regarding planning siting p-
roject and approach procedures. A two man team (electrical en-
gineer and flight procedures specialist) is scheduled to visit
Taiwan during the period September 15 -- October 15, 1986. Ci-
vil engineering support on site is to be provided by CCNAA. A-
dditional specialists may be required if identified during Ph-
ase Two.
2 Phase Three Costs -- Twenty -- two (22) man/ days ; cost esti-
mate is U.S. $13,222.00.

Phase Four--Report Writing and Approach Procedures Recommendati-
on (to be conducted in the United States)
1 Phase Four Costs - Forty- five (45) man / days ; cost estimate
is U.S. $12,249.00.
The estimated total cost Phase One through Phase Four is U.S. $5