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1.Signed on October 5 and October 22, 1985; Entered into force on February 1, 1986.
The undersigned, the postal administration of Denmark, includin-
g the Faroe Islands, and Taiwan by virtue of the authority vest-
ed in them according to Article 6 of the Universal Postal Conve-
ntion, have concluded the following agreement:

Article 1
Purpose of the Agreement This Agreement shall govern the exchan-
ge of International Express Mail (EMS) between Denmark, includi-
ng the Faroe Islands, and Taiwan. The name of this service is K-
URERPOST in Denmark and Speedpost in Taiwan.

Article 2
As used herein the following terms shall have the indicated mea-
-- Administration-an abbreviated form used to refer to one of t-
he postal administrations signatory to this Agreement;
-- Convention--the Universal Postal Convention adopted by the C-
ongress of the Universal Postal Union from time to time and
by the postal administrations signatory to this administrati-
ons signatory to htis Agreement.
-- Detailed Regulations of the Convention-the Detailed Regulati-
ons of the Universal Postal Convention enacted by the Congre-
ss of the Universal Postal Union from time to time;
-- References made to the regulations of one or the other postal
administration, or to their internal laws, concern the gener-
al regulation or law which governs the subject in question a-
nd which is applied without regard to the postal administrat-
ion from which it originates.
-- Scheduled service-an International Express Mail service opti-
on which allows a sender to enter into a contractual arrange-
ment to mail items on a designated schedule to designated ad-
-- On-demand service-an International Express Mail service opti-
on-which allows a sender to mail an time to addresses living
in areas convered by the Express Mail service on a noncontra-
ctual basisand without any requirements for scheduling or pr-
ior designation addressee.

Article 3
Scheduled Service Each administration shall offer scheduled ser-
vice on a contractual basis to customers who agree to use the s-
ervice on a designated schedule, in principle at least once a m-
onth, to send items to designated addressees.
3.2 Each administration shall provide the other administration
with a scheduled of approximate delivery times to each city
or other location to which scheduled service is available,
based upon the time scheduled of the international flights
used to carry scheduled items.
3.3 For each scheduled service contract, the administration of
origin shall provide the administration of destinetion with
the following information at least ten days prior to commen-
cing service pursuant to such contract:
(I) The identification number of the customer contract, which n-
umber shall be indicated on each item sent;
(II) the names and addressees of the sender an designated addre-
(III) the days of the week designated by the customer as schedu-
led dispatch days;
(VI) the time of day delivery is requested;
(V) the air line and flight number to be used, and
(IV) the date on which the service is established.
3.4 The administration of origin shall notify the administratio-
n of destinetion of any changes in the information referred
to in Section 3 of this Article, if necessairy by cable, te-
lex or telephone.

Article 4
On-Demand Service
4.1 Each administration may offer ondemand service to a number
of cities and locations mentioned by name, and each adminis-
tration shall provide the other administration with a list
of the cities and other locations to which on-demand service
is available.
4.2 Each administration shall provide the other administration
with a schedule of approximate delivery times to each city
or other location to which on-demand service is available,
based upon the time schedules of the international flights
used to carry on-clemand items.
4.3 Each administration shall inform the other administration of
all identification marks or numbers which it uses for each
on-demand item.
4.4 The administration of origin is not required to provide the
administration of destination with notice prior to sending
an on-demand item.

Article 5
Charges to be Collected From the Sender
Each administration shall fix the charges to be collected from
its senders for sending items in the service and shall keep the
total charges collected.

Article 6
Charges and Fees to be Collected From the Addressee
Each administration shall be authorized to collect from the add-
ressee the customs duty and other applicable non-postal fees, if
any, payable on each item it delivers and a charge for the coll-
ection of such fees.

Article 7
Allocation of Costs for Traffic Imbalances
7.1 At the end of each calendar year, the administration which
has received a larger quantity of International Express Mail
items than it has sent during that year shall have the right
to collect from the other administration, as compensation,
an imbalance charge for the handling and delivery costs it
has incurred for each additional item received.
7.2 Modifications of the imbalance
charge may be made as follows:
-- Each administration may increase its imbalance charge wh-
en such an increase is necssary due to an increase in the
costs of services.
-- To be applicable, any such modification of the imbalance
charge must:
(I) be communicated to the other administration at least th-
ree months in advance;
(II) remain in force for at least one year, unless this Agr-
eement expires or is cancelled in accordance with Arti-
cle 24.2.
7.3 No imbalance .charges shall be collected if the difference
in the number of items exchanged is less than one hundred.

Article 8
Internal Air Conveyance Dues Each administration which provides
air conveyance of EMS items within its country shall be entitled
to reimbursement of internal air conveyance dues at rates estab-
lished in the provisions of the Convention which govern internal
air conveyance dues.

Article 9
Onward Air Conveyance
9.1 Each administration shall provide onward air conveyance ser-
vice to or from any country with which it exchanges Interna-
tional Express Mail items, for items addressed to or origin-
ating in the other administra- tion.
9.2 For each item forwarded pursuant to this article, the admin-
istration providing onward air conveyance services shall be
authorizedto collect from the other administration the onwa-
rd air conveyance rates applicable to airmail under the Con-

Article 10 Entry of Items.
Delivery, and Customs Clearance
10.1 Each administration shall communicate to the other the nec-
essary information concerning customs or other regulations,
as well as the prohibitions or restrictions governing entry
of postal items in its service.
10.2 Each administration shall make every effort to expedite cu-
stoms clearance and, in accordance with its regulations, f-
or the type of service used, make every effort to effect d-
elivery of each item by the fastest means available.

Article 11
Items which are not Admitted Coins, bearer securities, platinum,
gold or silver (whether manufactured or not), precious stones,
jewelry, and other valuables are not admitted.

Article 12
The provisions of the Convention governing prohibitions shall be
applicable to Express Mail items.
The same holds for the import and transit restrictions of each
of the two administrations entered in the list published by the
International Bureau of the Universal Postal Union.

Article 13
Limits of Size and Weight
An item of International Express Mail:
An item of International Express
-- shall not exceed 1.500 milliraeters for any one dimension nor
3 meters for the sum of the length and the greatest cirsumfe-
rence measured in a direction other than that of the length,
-- shall not measure less than 90 x 140 millimeters with a marg-
in of 2 millimeters, and
-- shall not exceed 20 kilograms in weight.

Article 14
Treatment of Items
Wrongly Accepted
14.1 When an item containing an article prohibited under Articl-
es 11 or 12 has been wrongly admitted to the post, the pro-
hibited article shall be dealt with according to the legis-
lation of the country of the administration establishing i-
ts presence.
14.2 When the weight or the dimensions of an item exceed the li-
mits established under Article 13, it shall be returned to
the administration of origin as an Express Mail item, if t-
he regulations of the administration of destination do not
permit delivery.
14.3 When a wrongly admitted item is neither delivered to the a-
ddressee nor returned to origin, the administration of ori-
gin shall be informed how the item has been dealt with and
of the restriction or prohibition which required such trea-

Article 15
Undeliverable Items.
Return to Origin
15.1 After every reasonable effort to deliver an item has proven
unsuccessful, the item shall be held at the disposal of the
addressee for the period of retention provided by the regu-
lations of the administration of destination.
15.2 An item refused by the addressee shall be returned immedia-
tely to the administration or origin. Each undeliverable i-
tem shall be returned to the administration of origin thro-
ugh the International Express Mail service. Neither admini-
stration shall charge the other for the return of undelive-
rable items.

Article 16
Items Arriving Out of Course and to be Redirected Each item arr-
iving out of course shall be redirceted to its proper destinati-
on by the most direct route used by the administration which has
received the item. Neither administration shall charge the other
for the redirection of items arriving out of course.

Article 17
17.1 Each administration shall answer in the shortest possible
time, not to exceed one month, inquiries relating to any I-
nternational Express Mail item posted by the other adminis-
17.2 Inquiries shall be accepted only within a period of four m-
onths from the date after that on which the item was posted
17.3 This article does not authorize routine requests for confi-
rmation of delivery.

Article 18
Liability of Administration
Each adminstration shall establish its own policy concerning li-
ability in cases of loss, damage, theft or delay in delivery of
International Express Mail items. The administration or origin
shall be responsible for making indemnity payments, if any, to
its senders, without recourse to the other administration

Article 19
No Additional Rates, Charges, or Fees The administrations may
collect only the rates, charges, and fees established under this

Article 20
Temporary Suspension and Resumption of the Service
20.1 If extraordinary circumstances require it, each administra-
tion is entitled to temporarily suspend the service, wholly
or partially.
20.2 The other administration shall be notified immediately aft-
er the suspension or the resumption of the service takes e-
ffect if necessary by cable, telex or telephone.

Article 21
Detailed Regulations
Details of implementation of the Agreement shall be governed by
its Detailed Regulations at appendix to this Agreement.
Furthermore, each administration is authorixed to adopt impleme-
nting rules and regulations for its internal operation of the s-
ervice not inconsistent with this Agreement or its Detailed Rec-

Article 22
Alterations or Amendments This Agreement or its Detailed Regula-
tions may by altered or amended by mutual consent by means of c-
orrespondence between officials of each administration who have
been authorized to make such alterations or amendments containi-
ng the new wording of the Articles which have been altered or a-

Article 23
Application of the Convention
The Convention or its Detailed Regulations shall be applicable,
where appropriate, by analogy, in all cases not expressly gover-
ned by this Agreement or its De- tailed Regulations.

Article 24
Entry into Force and Duration
24.1 This Agreement shall enter into force on the date mutually
agreed upon by the administrations.
24.2 When this Agreement has been in force for twelve months, it
may be terminated by mutual consent or by either administr-
ations provided that the other administration is notified
in writing six months before the termination takes effect.
Done in duplicate and signed in Copenhagen on the 22th day
of October, 1985 and in Taipei on the 5th day of October,
1985 For the postal administration of Denmark:
B φ rge Nordbo
Head of International Office For the postal administration of T-
John S. T. Wang
Director General of Posts,
Taipei, Taiwan ROC

The undersigned, by virtue of the authority vested in them acco-
rding to Article 21 of the Agreement, have drawn up the followi-
ng Detailed Regulations for implementation of the International
Express Mail Agreement between the Postal Administration of Den-
mark, including the Faroe Islands, and the Postal Administration
of Taiwan.

Article 101
Information to be Supplied By the Administrations
101.1 Each administration shall notify the other administrations
-- the provisions of its laws or regulations applicable to
the conveyance of International Express Mail items;
-- the rates and dues established under the Agreement;
-- the forms, labels and other documentation which it req-
uires in the service; and
-- the minimum amount of time required for the transit of
Express Mail items.
101.2 Any charge of the information mentioned in 101.1 shall be
communicated in writing immediately to the other administ-
Article 102 Requirements with regard to
Express Mail Items
To be admitted for mailing, the item may not contain any of the
prohibited objects mentioned in Article 11 and 12 in the Agreem-
ent. Furthermore, each item of Express Mail shall
-- bear, in roman letters and arabic figures on the item itself
or on a label firmly attached to it, the names and complete
addresses of the sender and of the addressee, the number of
the contract and the date of dispatch.
-- have, on its packing or wrapping, sufficient space for servi-
ce instructions and for affixing C 1 labels.
-- be packed and closed in a manner befitting the weight, the s-
hape, and the nature of the contents as well as the mode and
duration conveyance.
-- be packed and closed so as not to present any danger to offi-
cials called upon to handle it, or to soil or damage other m-
ail or postal equipment.

Article 103
General Makeup of Mails
103.1 International Express Mail dispatches shall be made up in
closed mails, and shall be accompanied by the air mail de-
livery bill required by these detailed regulations.
103.2 The items shall be accompanied by a C 12 letter bill or a
manifest and be enclosed in blue and orange Express Mail
103.3 Each bag shall bear a label, showing the blue and orange
chevron which has been adopted as the International Expre-
ss Mail identification symbol.
Each bag label shall colearly indicate:
-- the exchange office of destinetion; and
-- the type of service used.

Article 104
104.1 A C 12 letter bill or an International Express Mail Manif-
est, on a form acceptable to each administration, shall a-
ccompany each dispatch.
104.2 Each item sent through the scheduled service shall be lis-
ted separately on the C 12 letter bill or the manifest. If
no items are sent under a scheduled service contract, the
contract number and the fact that no items were sent shall
be entered on the manifest.
104.3 The manifest shall clearly indicate that the dispatch con-
tains International Express Mail items. Furthermore, the
number of the dispatch as well as the type of service used
shall be indicate on the manifest.

Article 105
Air mail Delivery Bill
105.1 An air mail delivery bill, on Universal Postal Union Form
AV 7, shall accompany each dispatch.
105.2 The air mail delivery bill shall be marked so as to indic-
ate clearly that the dispatch contains International Expr-
ess Mail.

Article 106
Exchange Offices
106.1 The exchange of dispatches of International Express Mail
shall be carried out by the designated exchange offices of
each administration,
106.2 Each administration shall give the other administration a-
dvance notice of redesignation of, closing down of, or ad-
dition to its exchange offices.

Article 107
Verification of Dispatches and their Contents
lO7.l Upon receipt of an International Express Mail dispatch, t-
he administration of destination shall verify that the di-
spatch is consistent with the entries on the air mail del-
ivery bill.
107.2 The contents of each dispatch shall be verified as soon as
possible, at an office designated by the administration of
destination, to confirm their confermity with the manifest

Article 108
Notification of Irregularities
108.1 Any evidence of irregularities of any kind, theft, missing
or damaged bags or,items upon receipt of the dispatches s-
hall be reported to the administration of origin by telex
or telephone and confirmed in writing subsequently.
108.2 All other actions taken in connection with any irregulari-
ty shall be governed by the regulations of the administra-
tion of destination.

Article 109
Redirection of Items
Arriving Out of Course
The redirecting administration shall notify the administration
of origin, by telex or telephone, of the details concerning the
arrival and redirection of each item or bag arriving out of cou-

Article 110
Return of Items to Origin
Each administration which returns an item for any reason whatso-
ever shall give, either written by hand or by means of a stamped
impression or label on the item and on the manifest which accom-
panies it, the reason for non-delivery.

Article 111
Accounting, Settlement of Accounts
111.1 The procedures for accounting and for the settlement of a-
ccounts for internal air conveyance shall be governed by
the provisions covering accounting for air mail in the De-
licated Regulation of the Convention.
111.2 The procedures for accounting and settlement of accounts
for allocation of surface costs for traffic imbalances sh-
all be as follows:
-- The settlement shall take place at the end of each cal-
ender year.
-- Each administration shall prepare quarterly a statement
of items received in a mutually acceptable form which
indicates the number of items received in each dispatch
based upon the manifests.
These forms shall be forwarded to the administration of
origin within two months from the end of the quarter.
-- After verifying the statement of items received, the o-
rigin administration shall advise the destinetion admi-
nistration by correspondence of its acceptance. If the
verification reveals any discrepancies, a corrected st-
atement shall be returned to the destinetion administr-
ation duly amended and accepted. If the destination ad-
ministration disputes the amendments, it shall confirm
the actual data by sending photocopies of relevant man-
ifests and notifications of irregularities to the admi-
nistration of origin. If the destination administration
has received no notice of amendment whitin two months
from the date of forwarding the quarterly statement of
items received, the account shall be regarded as fully
-- After each administration has accepted the statement of
items received prepared by the other, the creditor adm-
inistration shall prepare annually a detailed account
and statement of charges in a mutually acceptable form
which indicates the total number of items received and
dispatched, the imbalance, the imbalance charge per it-
em, and the total amount due.
-- Accounts shall be closed within 6 months after the last
day of the settlement period.

Article 112
Period of Rentention of Documents
112.1 Documents of the service shall be kept for a minimum peri-
od of 18 months from the day following the date to which
they refer.
112.2 A document concerning a dispute or an inquiry shall be ke-
pt until the matter has been settled. If the inquiring ad-
ministration, duly informed of the result of an inquiry,
allows six months to elapse from the date of the communic-
ation without raising any objections, the matter shall be
regarded as settled.

Aritcle 113
Entry into Force and Duration
113.1 These Detailed Regulations shall enter into force on the
same date as the International Express Mail Agreement to
which the refer.
113.2 These Detailed Regulations, as well as any amendment made
in accordance with Article 22 of the Agreement, shall be
of the same duration as the International Express Agreeme-
nt to which they refer.
Done in duplicate and signed in Copenhagen on th 22th day of Oc-
tober 1985 and in Taipei on the 5th day of october 1985
For the Postal Administration of Denmark:
B φ rge Nordbo
Head of International Office
For the Postal Aministration of Taiwan:
John S.T.Wang
Director General of Posts, Taipei, Taiwan ROC