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1.Signed on July 30,1991; Entered into force on July 30,1991.
The Ministry of Communications of the Republic of China and the
Ministry of Construction of the Republic of Korea (hereinafter
referred to as "the two parties").
Desiring to promote cooperation between the two parties.
Have entered into the following arrangement :
1.The two parties will endeavor to develop and expand areas of
cooperation in the field of construction industries on the ba-
sis of this Memorandum of Understanding (hereinafter referred
to as "MOU").
2.The cooperative activities envisaged under this MOU will be,
among others, in the following forms:
a.Joint participation in projects of mutual concern in the Rep-
ublic of China, in the Republic of Korea or third countries,
and exchange of construction market information of these cou-
b.Exchange of technical information, research results and publ-
ications concerning the construction industry;
c.Joint research activities (e.g. studies and market research);
d.Holding seminars, symposia, and other relevant meetings; and,
e.Any other form of cooperation that may be agreed upon by the
two parties.
3.The implementation of the projects and activities envisaged by
the joint cooperation shall be carried out, where appropriate,
on the basis of separate mutually acceptable agreements betwe-
en the two parties, or the firms and organizations concerned.
4.In order to facilitate and coordinate the implementation of t-
he MOU, the two parties may hold joint meetings alternately in
Taipei and in Seoul on the date to be mutually agreed upon th-
rough official channels.
5.The two parties will encourage direct contacts between govern-
ment agencies, research institutes, associations, firms of th-
eir organizations of their respective countries, and if appro-
priate, coordinate activities of these organizations.
6.Coordinators of the two parties will be the Taiwan Area Natio-
nal Expressway Engineering Bureau of the Ministry of Communic-
ations of the Republic of China and the Bureau of Construction
Economy of the Ministry of Construction of the Republic of Ko-
7.Information and knowledge acquired in the course of implement-
ing this MOU will not be disclosed to a third party without p-
rior consent of the other party.
8.Each party will fund the cost of its participation in coopera-
tive activities. Both parties may also choose to provide full
or partial support for participation in these activities by p-
ersonnel of the other party. Decisions on funding for joint a-
ctivities will be made by mutual agreement.
9.The MOU will remain in force of a period of five years and may
be extended by mutual agreement. Either party may terminate t-
he MOU prior to its completion by written notification to the
other party six months in advance of its intention to termina-
te the MOU. This MOU may be modified by mutual written agreem-
ent of the two parties.
Signed at Taipei on July 30th, 1991 in the English language in
two original copies.
Dr. Ou Chin-Der
Director General
Taiwan Area National Expressway
Engineering Bureau
Mr. Park Byung-Sun
Director General
Bureau of Construction Economy